Thursday, 6 June 2013

Innovative Rehabilitation Techniques

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is unique and one of its kind. It has revolutionized the way drug addicts are treated worldwide. The program is based on proven technologies, theories and techniques that have emerged from rigorous research and development of decades. The program is unique as it stresses highly on the usage of non-drug treatment. It means that the addicts are not provided any drug or medicine to detoxify, relax, sleep and in performing other life related activities. These drug treatments used by other organizations are known to produce adverse affects and cause other minor health issues which can in the long run turn out to be dangerous. The clients are treated individually and no group therapy is conducted at Narconon facilities.

1. Usage of Vitamins and supplements

The usage of supplements makes the human body susceptible to disease attacks on one hand and also helps addicts in covering the lost ground in health. The vitamins are particularly important for the purpose of drug treatment as they tend to fill the gaps left by residuals in the human body after drug avoidance. The usage of such supplements and vitamins is carefully monitored and administered by the team of experts and professionals involved in Narconon Fresh Start program.

2. Recreation and sports facilities

The customers are provided with excellent recreation and sports facilities that are smartly chosen and designed to increase the stamina of the recovering drug addicts. These customers taking part in sports and other recreation facilities are carefully monitored by the staff for improvement and identification of any weaknesses. The presence of Jacuzzi, pool, fitness center, ridding, jogging and swimming facilities is particularly liked by many customers attending the program.

3. Conducive environment

The environment in the Sunshine Summit Lodge is very friendly in general and healthy. The program has especially adopted itself to make the overall environment at the center friendly and conducive to mental as well as physical healing. The staff is trained to treat the customers in a polite manner and to act in front of them as good human beings. It is particularly based on the philosophy that seeing good acts can inspire the onlooker to behave and act in the same or even better way. The fresh air and calm surroundings are particularly chosen as a treatment part, so that the customers do not feel agitated to revert back to addiction.

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