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Alcohol Treatment Center at Sunshine Summit

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol rehabilitation is a complex process to recover a person completely. Many institutes around the world claim to provide rehabilitation services but only few of them actually can do their job. Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of those rehabilitation centers in the world which gained international eminence due to their services. A unique rehabilitation philosophy and individual care for each patient helps them to recover earlier. The time duration of rehabilitation depends upon the situation and reflex of patient.

Exclusive rehabilitation philosophy

Generally the success rate of rehabs depends upon their approach towards rehabilitation. Narconon fresh start is well-known about its exclusive rehabilitation philosophy. Professionals at Sunshine Summit Lodge don’t believe in the disease model for rehabilitation. Disease model is a term which is used to describe any medical condition which can only be treated with medication. Drug addiction is not like all other diseases which can be solely treated with the help of medication. So the successful Sunshine rehab approach includes trainings, diet and exercises in the whole process of rehabilitation. This will not only enhance the bright chances of recovery but also speed up the whole rehabilitation process.

Time duration for completing the program

According to Sunshine Summit Lodge philosophy of treatment, every patient should be treated individually so that he can respond to the program in a better way. So there is no specific time limit and it entirely depends on the stimulus of candidate that how much time he or she will take to recover completely. Generally most of the rehabilitation cases at Sunshine Summit Lodge take three to four months’ time. The patient will only be considered as a graduate if the case supervision will be completely satisfied with the situation of patient. To be satisfied usually the case supervisors review the complete program with reference to the patient.

Suggestions for patients’ family

Family plays a very important role in the rehabilitation of patients. Sometime unjustified behaviors lead children to adopt drugs as a way out from their problems. There is a strict need to address this issue and to make the parent aware that they may also become the reason for the addiction of their children. Sunshine hires special trainers for the family and friends of patients. They guide the family thoroughly about right or wrong attitudes towards the patient. It will also help them to maintain a healthy relationship in the family afterwards. 


A patient of drug addiction usually suffers a lot of pain and other psychological threats from the society. He is not able to communicate properly so they cut off from the entire world. This situation is pathetic not only for the patient but also for all the loved ones associated with him. In order to treat drug addiction there is no place better than Sunshine Summit Lodge. It is one of the most appreciated rehabilitation centers throughout the world due to their remarkable rehabilitation services. These services help the patient to recover earlier.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Rehabilitation of Alcoholism

                                                Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Alcoholism leads a person to various problems. It is the reason behind most of the accidents. People start alcohol consumption when they feel lonely or when they want to get themselves out of different problems. They take alcohol for getting relief from their worries. Besides this, people who start drinking just for fun or in parties, become addict to alcohol usually. People, who are addicted to alcohol, can get back to their healthy life if they get registered at any rehabilitation center. Narconon rehab facilities are the best option in this regard where the clients are provided with the best facilities, expert staff and a calm environment.

Rehabilitation of Alcoholism


As the drug addict needs rehabilitation, much in the same way an individual addicted to alcohol also needs rehabilitation. It could be possible through a rehabilitation center that holds different rehab programs. Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of the rehab centers which provide better environment and treatment programs to its clients. Narconon fresh start provides treatment in a healthy environment not with the help of medicines but provide the addicts different mental and physical exercises to restore to normal life. It is one of the best rehabilitation centers which treat its patient as students.

Methods of Treatment

Sunshine Summit Lodge being a rehabilitation center sets different educational programs in order to treat its patient. The aim of this rehab center is to get its patient back without strong medication or any alternate substance. Sunshine holds series of educational programs including different courses such as life skill course, detoxification course, communication course etc. This rehab center also gives aftercare plans to make its clients firm on their stand of saying good-bye to addiction forever. The methods of treatment are very different in Sunshine rehab program. It does not follow the traditional way of treatment i.e. by giving alternative substances and group treatment. Narconon Sunshine does his work through mental and physical exercises and individual care.

After Treatment Resolution 

It seems very difficult for most of the people to stop drinking alcohol. But once a person commits to himself he can stop drinking alcohol. A person addicted to alcohol cannot stop drinking at once; it’s a gradual process in which first of all an addict has to make a firm commitment to himself after his proper treatment. The experts at Sunshine help their clients to adopt a modified behaviour and live a healthy routine life.


Narconon Sunshine is as the best rehab center that is popular for its perfect recovery results. The educational programs at Sunshine Summit Lodge are greatly helpful for supporting the addicts to get rid of their urges and come back to normal lives. The individual care and monitoring helps achieve the restoration targets easily and the clients remain satisfied with their enhancement.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Non-profit Rehabilitation Centers

Nonprofit Rehabilitation Centers

Narconon Rehabilitation Centers are featuring non-profit drug rehabilitation and drug prevention program with the ultimate endeavor of eliminating alcohol and drug abuse through physical fitness program, mental relief activities and life skill educational courses. The rehab centers of Narconon are holding the unsurpassed facilities, services and workforce for the convenience of its clients. From the proficient counselors to expert psychiatric and physicians, from the fitness program to exercising zones, from the mental liberation to leisure activities and from educational courses to life skills programs, the whole lot is up-to the mark and  outstanding. Above all the centers are located at airy, open and spacious vibes that enable the clients to inhale in fresh air.  The success of Narconon centers can be measured by the fact that it is able to produce 7 out 10 graduates each year that are proving themselves to be a productive member of the society.

Nonprofit Rehabilitation Centers in United States 

In United States, currently Narconon program is functioning at about 100 locations in more than 40 different countries. Few of the centers and the locations of Nonprofit Rehabilitation Centers include the former Narconon foundation at Los Angeles, California, the largest residential Narconon Arrowhead center, the Sunshine Summit Lodge at San Diego County, the Narconon Vista Bay and its three sites i.e. Santa Cruz, South Lake Tahoe and Placerville, the Narconon Colorado, the Narconon Freedom Center, the Narconon Riverbend Retreat (Narconon Louisiana), the Narconon Georgia program at Norcross, Georgia and various others.

Treatment at Narconon centers

The Narconon centers facilitate their clients with all the basic necessities. The clients are treated through life oxidation process that helps the body to release the residuals of drugs and to prepare the body for further treatment. The next phase emphasizes change in clients’ addictive behavior. For this purpose a variety of courses are conducted each having its own purpose and outcome.

The family members are free to call and meet the doctors who are dealing with the case of the respective patient. This facility eventually relieves the patient’s family members as they are informed about the progress of patient. Many of the graduates from Narconon centers have shared their reviews about Narconon Fresh Star Program at Narconon Fresh Start Reviews section that prove the possibility of a drug and alcohol free life. For any person who wants to get rid of the drug abusive life, can get plenty of guidelines by reviewing the Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. 

Nonprofit Rehabilitation Centers are considered to be highly premium and most effective world-wide solution for handling and managing alcohol and drug violence. It has not only opened its centers at various locations but also take into account the language barriers that might be faced by clients. Due to this reason the training is provided with respect to a variety of language.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Narconon Fresh Start is a world class drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that focuses on drug-free holistic treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy. Narconon centers provide a residential long-term treatment plan accompanied by excellent facilities including nutritious healthy diet, food supplements, fitness club equipped with exercise machines, recreational areas outfitted with sports tools, educational life skill courses and ample of other improvement and betterment courses. Narconon program has shown superb results for the fight against drug and alcohols. Due to this fact, 7 out 10 graduates from Narconon program are now living a successful and prosperous life and are proving themselves to be a productive member of society.

Detoxification Plan

Narconon Fresh Start program is facilitating its clients with all the essentials needed during the recovery process. The clients are treated through proper medication that eradicates the physical carvings and pains from the body. The experts at Narconon centers do not depend on giving chemicals and salts to patients for recovery. Instead, the clients are provided with vitamin supplements along with healthy balanced diet.

Communication and Recreational Activities

The entire focus of Narconon program is on communication and recreational activities that engage the attention of participants during the program. The clients experience a welcoming home life style during their stay at Narconon rehab center. They are free to do various healthy activities ranging from watching television to playing cards or playing sports with their peers. Such activities promote healthy competition and mutual cooperation among the participants enabling them to put joint effort together as a team. At Narconon facilities, a Medical Liaison Officer (MLO) is always available to arrange medical checkups and emergency help to the participants of the program.

Relief to the Participants’ Families 

Narconon program is accountable for providing the student’s progress on the inquiry of their family member. As the clients are passing through the tough phase of withdrawal of drugs and abusive substances, hence it is not recommended to allow the family members to meet or call their loved ones during the program. However they are free to contact the family consultant who will inform them about the details of participant’s progress. Hence the participant’s family members feel relieved and reassured on hearing or meeting the consultants. 


Narconon Fresh Start program is an exclusive opportunity for restoring the alcoholics and addicts to positive attitudes and a peaceful and healthy life. Those who are disappointed from every possible remedy to control their urge for drugs and are considering addiction as an incurable disease will find Narconon facility as a perfect solution to enhance their willpower to overcome all temptations for addiction. The success ratio at Narconon is remarkably outstanding and is unmatched with any rehab center round the globe. Narconon is always committed with its motto of a drugs free world and is bent upon delivering the best results.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention centers have been working to promote a drug and alcohol free society for the last 45 years. The drug rehabilitation centers of Narconon are equipped with all the facilities that are necessary to carry out the recovery process. Due to its success rate, many of its drug retreat centers have been established and functioning at various countries all over the world. Furthermore, the program is available in many languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Nepalese and Taiwanese other than English. The success stories can be examined at Narconon Fresh Start Reviews which clearly show how the graduates from Narconon true rehabilitation program are living a sober and responsible life after going through Narconon program.

Program Summary

Narconon Fresh Start program consists of step by step instructions that are carried out under the group effort and guidance of devoted counselors and supervisors. The duration of program is dependent upon the participant’s successful completion of all program steps whereas the program is supervised 24 hours a day. Each step of the program is reviewed by expert case supervisor. Moreover, the learned life skills by the participants must be verified to ensure that they will be responsible drug and alcohol free members of the community.

Diet plan

Narconon drug free program employs a holistic approach to recovery. On daily basis, the clients are provided with vitamin supplements. Moreover proper arrangements have been made to ensure that clients are facilitated with nutritious as well as delicious meal three times a day.

Recreational Activities

To promote social interaction and healthy environment among the participants, Narconon rehab centers facilitate and encourage the participants to play and enjoy various games and sports. Also to keep the participants fit and healthy fitness club is also a part of center’s facility. Weight and exercise area, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna facilities are available at Narconon centers.  Moreover outdoor tours are also organized to divert attention of the people get registered at Narconon.

Educational courses

Through a series of educational life skill courses, students learn to modify their behavior and attitude towards life related matters. Each participant becomes aware of the root cause of his troubles and learns how to find solutions to these problems so that they are no longer badly affected. The participants also learn and practice communication drills that are used to intensify the student’s ability to comfortably tackle themselves and others with good communication. The students who find it difficult to acquire new concepts and knowledge can learn a lot from improvement learning courses. Such courses are not beneficial during their stay at the rehab centers but through these courses they will excel in their professional career also.

Each student’s progress is constantly monitored by their course supervisors and their case supervisor to ensure that their individual program needs are met.

Narconon program is the best place for those who really want to get rid of the label of an addict. The people who want to join our Narconon drug rehab centers can have a glance at Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. Through these exemplary reviews of Narconon graduates they will surely make up their mind to join Narconon rehab center that will eventually lead them towards the road of success.

Addiction Treatment Program

Thousands of addicts from all over the world are taking benefits from the professional addiction treatment programs every year. These Drug Rehabilitation centers are proved to be the source of life for addicts. The focus of almost every addiction treatment program is the ultimate recovery of patient from drugs dependency. Detoxification of drugs free processes with other life skill courses offered by all Drug Rehab centers changes the behavior of addicts in a natural way.

Drugs and their Effects

Proactive drugs trigger the normal working of the central nervous system. This entirely changes the mood, perception, behavior of the human beings abruptly. Over use of these drugs/alcohols damages the person’s CNS (Central Nervous System) and proves fatal for the health of the addicts. Metabolites gets store in the cells of the tissue & they spread in the blood stream that causes the urge symptoms, depression, irritation and crankiness. These harmful metabolites are removed by Drug Rehabilitation programs and help the addicts to overcome their drug dependency.

New Life Detoxification Program

New Life Detoxification program offered by drug removal program is a genuine step towards true rehabilitation. Drug use is completely forbidden here and this technique is very effective to removes the physical cravings and compulsions caused by drug addiction. This process takes several weeks and all toxins are removed from the body tissues. Thus, completely modify the behavior of addicts.

Individual Learning Boosts up Morale

The addicted persons often realize that that it is not possible for them to get over their urge for drug addiction by themselves. Many clients left the rehab programs & their efforts to get rid of drug addiction. Such situations demands care and guidance on the part of trainers and expert personals. Addiction Treatment Centers addresses the needs and requirements of addicts individually in all their rehabilitation programs. Due to this individualized treatment, patients naturally modify their behavior and become enthusiastic for their recovery process.

Behavior Modification through Counseling

Cognitive behavior modification is an integral part of any drug rehabilitation program because of its effectiveness. Behavior and response of patients is taking into account in each step of drug free process by supervisors of the program Narconon fresh start. Patients are educated to become self determined in modifying and changing their subsequent behavior by this therapy. Efficient & trained staff of these drug rehab centers carries out the counseling & behavior of addicts is continuously monitored on daily basis.


Addiction Treatment Programs are doing marvelous job by providing healthier & drug free life to large number of addicts. These rehabilitation centers help people to recover from stage of drug dependency to a normal healthier life with all the essence of happiness & satisfaction. If you love the people around you then keep them away from drug addiction and motivate them towards healthy life activities for a healthy society.

Addiction Treatment Center

Drug addiction is a kind of brain disorder in which patients suffer uncontrollable drug cravings and it affects the behavior and brain functioning of the person. For the cure of this disease, many Addiction Treatment organizations are quite active. One such example of non-profit organization is Narconon which has launched many successful rehab programs like Narconon Fresh start, Sunshine Summit Lodge, Narconon Rehab etc. All these drug rehabilitation programs are very effective in respective to success ratio.

Versatile Treatment Methods

Alcoholic and drug addiction treatment involves various unique methods to deal with addiction and these processes may include behavioral modification, 12-step treatment and other holistic approaches. All these programs vary in their approach to recovery for different clients/patients.

Extensive Therapeutic Techniques

The holistic program of Narconon Fresh Start comprises of yoga exercises, massage therapy, meditation, nutritional counseling and other life skill courses. The purpose of all these activities is to motivate the patient towards normal life settings in a natural way without being dependent on medicines & drugs.

Individual Coaching & Treatment

Narconon professionals believe on the principle that “no single treatment can benefit every individual”. For this purpose, research is carried out to devise different unique and effective programs to help the addicts/clients there. Short term, long term & outpatient treatments are introduced according to the needs of every single individual.

Effective Way of Treatment

Narconon rehabilitation program uses authentic treating methods by trained professionals and nurses. Proper sessions with the psychotherapists are conducted for the patients on daily basis. These treatment sessions are very effective as every single detail of the patients is considered during the treatment. This treatment session takes place in calm & soothing environment and proper time is given to each patient. Thus, individualized treatment assures 100% success rate.

Brilliant Success Ratio

The recovery of patient in Narconon Fresh Start is up to 76%. This means that majority of patients do not go back to the addiction of drugs again. To check this influential ratio, the treated patients are frequently monitored, so that they do not indulge again in addiction. If any such addiction case occurs, that patient is brought back for the treatment again. Another salient feature for higher success ratio is the trained and efficient staff. All the professionals who are running these programs are very dedicated & enthusiastic, as they all are working for a noble cause. They all are fully trained and equipped.


The ultimate goal of every addiction treatment center is to help & guide the addicts towards normal life on the road to stable & long term drug free recovery. These rehabilitation centers transform the lives of people by highest quality treatment and customized care services. Thus ensuring the highest success rate with complete recovery.

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Drug Rehabilitation Program

Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation that is sometimes termed as drug rehab is a collection of treatment methods & other techniques to help individuals in overcoming drug addiction. Selection of a best & proper drug rehab is a quite difficult decision on the part of addicts, as only a few rehab centers are successful for complete drug detoxification. Each rehab center has its own programs, techniques, staff qualifications, time duration, credentials, cost, and effectiveness. So before selecting a drug rehab, research your best possible options for better satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Drug addiction is a complex illness and has so many dimensions & disrupts. Treatment of drug addiction is not that easy so drug rehab centers should offer variety of effective treatment programs according to the individual needs of addicts. Addiction treatment in any rehab center must help the addict to stop using drugs, maintain a drug-free lifestyle and achieve productive functioning in the family, at work, and in society.

Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress

The focus of every drug rehabilitation program is the ultimate recovery of patients from frequent drug use, stress, anxiety, shame, guilt & frustration. Healthy dietary options, gaming, socializing training & other healthy activities offered by these rehab programs motivate the addicts to learn morals of a lively society & thus release the stress in natural settings.

Build a meaningful drug-free life

Drug dependency is completely abolished during the addiction treatment so that individuals become habitual to release their stresses without using any kind of drugs. Professionals & doctors use different stress relief therapies to calm the addict’s behaviors and these therapies include exercising, gaming, yoga practices, meditation, massage and daily counseling. After care services and training is also followed in some good rehab centers to train the successful graduates for future actions.

Time duration of Addiction Treatment

Several types of treatment methods are the part of any drug rehabilitation program. A short-term treatment method lasts usually for 6 months and has meditational & drug detox process in it. Long-term treatment methods may include residential therapies, meditation, regular monitoring and maintenance outpatient treatment & time duration depends on the recovery of patients. Skilled staff and efficient doctor’s team to maintain the highest success rate of any rehab program continuously revise these treatment methods.

Individual Attention & Family Involvement

Most renowned & effective treatment is cognitive behavior modification therapy that should be the part of every drug rehab program. Patients must be given a significant amount of personalized attention in order to divert him from addiction. Family involvement during treatment is also helpful for the successful recovery of a patient.


Drug addiction has a destructive social & economic impact on any society. In order to deal with this problem, drug rehabilitation centers are continuously working for the quick & stable recovery of influential persons. These drug rehabs are fully equipped with skilled professionals, residential localities & research centers Narconon fresh start. Extensive care units and after care services too are a valuable addition to these drug rehab centers.

Sunshine Summit Rehab Reviews

I still don’t believe that my son is living a normal life!

No one can even imagine the pain when your loved ones suffer from drug addiction. It can only be known if it happens to your own self. The same situation occurred in my life a few years back when my son started taking drugs. Before that time I always used to hate drug addicts and even thought that they are the worst part of our society. They have no rights to be treated with sympathy.

I even thought that drug addicts should be jailed till their death so that they can learn a lesson. All these thought were immediately change when my own son started taking drugs and I didn’t even knew it.

When I came to know about his addiction at that time it was too late to stop him. I consider myself very much responsible for the miserable situation of my son. I was too busy in my work that I didn’t even have time to meet him. I didn’t know what he was doing, who his friends were and when and why he started taking drugs. Then one day when I came back home from a business tour, I saw him craving for drugs and shouting in pain. I was so terrified because I never thought that this would happen to my own son.

At that time there was nothing left but to regret on all this. At the same time I knew that regretting would not change anything for my son. I wished him back to his normal life which was not so easy. I consulted many psychiatrists and rehabs but was not really satisfied. My son’s condition was getting worse with each passing day. His dark circles and leaning health were obvious symptoms that I was going to lose my son. The fear of losing him was a breathtaking tension for me.

Then someone told me about Sunshine Summit Lodge. The environment of Sunshine rehab was so calm and soothing that it looked a perfect place for meditation and strengthening one’s willpower to defeat urge for drugs. I felt quite satisfied and when I visited my son after one month I was so surprised. His much better condition and better health relieved me a lot. 

At my first visit I was 100% sure that my son will come back to his normal life. With the passage of time, his situation got more normal and he even made friends there. He developed the habit of reading and I was so happy to see him talk about different topics like politics and economy. All thanks are due to Sunshine experts that my son was not only rehabilitated but also groomed very well. Now my son and I get along with each other like never before and we are very happy about Narconon Fresh start.

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Sunshine summit lodge is serving drugs addicts or alcoholics to get rid of their addiction since 1966. Providing a remote and rural atmosphere through its location in the hills of San Diego County a place near famous Warner Hot Springs, Sunshine Summit Lodge is a rehabilitation center that is ready to serve substance abusers restoring back to a lasting sobriety of life. Today, substance abusing has become a major problem worldwide; many organizations are serving for the cause relieving addicts get back to the normal life so that they may enjoy the routine work and chores of life.


These organizations are based on two ideologies; one to heel the sufferers applying typical medical treatment methods with a hope of not relapsing of an addict if he observes an ironic will power after quitting drug addiction, and on the other side there are people who treat the addicts on the principles laid down by professor Hubbard who believed in the total remedying of an addict through two purported ways: lectures and detoxification of toxins from the body of addicts until they show a complete code of conduct necessary to refer them as normal social human beings.

Narconon means no drugs, and here in sunshine summit lodge, this is ensured that the addicts once rehabilitate through its proposed program will not get back to drugs any more and he will lead a non- drug free life.  That’s why, here the addicts are not treated as patients but they are students who learn in the long run of its offered course how they would be able to live a healthy social life. Being a Narconon rehab center means that this Sunshine Summit Lodge is a no-profit organization; whereas other non profit organizations are busy in money making game befooling people believe in the truthfulness and remark ability of their services, Sunshine Summit Lodge is contradictory. No hidden charges or fees are taken by the clients and the organization is offering 100% free services to alcoholics and drugs addicts.

Through its Narconon Fresh Start Program, addicts are able to detoxify their body from the residuals remain in the body even after they have refrained from abusing drugs. The process of detoxification is unique because it helps releasing the toxins stored in the fat cells of body tissues of a client. With the help of supplements and nutritional diet, detoxification is being performed and when the withdrawal symptoms anxiety, frustration and ecstasy start occurring, the clients are offered counselors who help the clients to address various mental and spiritual complications persisted in his life. The client is offered to purify his body through sauna and in the deep and long meditation of sauna opens new promising doors to live a successful drug free life.

 Sunshine Summit Lodge is a perfect rehab center for it is secular program, clients are provided with transportation services to visit churches occasionally. Narconon program is not based on rehabilitating the addicts on a therapeutic level rather the clients rather students are offered various life skills courses teaching them to be a better human beings after recovery from addiction.

This is what makes Sunshine Summit Lodge a worthy place of rehabilitating, through various courses like communication course, ups and downs in life course, personal values and integrity course, and way to happiness course, the students here in this center learn to restore themselves to a lasting sobriety. The 3 to 4 months spend by the clients to recover from addiction in Sunshine Summit Lodge based on Narconon Fresh Start Program provides a guarantee with a 90% success rate of not falling a prey to the drugs for the graduates once they learn and observe the whole program.

Narconon Fresh Start Program

Narconon fresh start program

Drugs addiction or substance abusing has crept into the society to an extent that most of the abusers and addicts even not consider addiction an abuse anymore, yet when they start finding how their addiction heading them towards an ultimate deterioration, it becomes too late for them to rescue themselves with self efforts, then they feel the need to go to a near rehab center to obtain a lasting sobriety. Many rehab centers are available rescuing the drugs indulgent making them quit the abuse in their remaining lives. Various programs by different rehabilitation centers are at work enabling drugs victimized to regain their past social prestige. Narconon is one such non profit organization presenting its Fresh Start Program helps the addicts to leave the substance abuse. This fresh start program is successful and has proven it the best program ever for drugs addicts restore to lasting sanity and sobriety.

How the Narconon Fresh Start Program works should be understood by having a look on the details of the program. Here is given a brief summary to know all the basic ideas and procedures of this program. The whole program aims at teaching addicts to live a happy and healthy life in a successful manner without the aid of drugs; this is achieved by observing and going through the steps of this fresh start program. At first level, the program helps addicts detoxifying their body from the remains of drugs he was addicted to and when the therapies start being performed, the withdrawal symptoms are overcome by training the students the ways to confront the daily life’s problem. 


The students while going through natural body detoxification and purification treatment are given ample exercise drills, nutritional supplement to overcome the craving of abuse and above all a balanced rest time. Then the students are here given a total training about the ups and downs, constructive and destructive aspects of life. These life skills training courses aid students to face life’s challenges like anger, shame, and indignity. Then communication course train the students how they should interact with their social relations, and how can they resolve the daily problems occurring in life.

The above mentioned therapy treatment and training the students the various life skills courses enable the clients to get back home in a rehabilitated state without the fear of falling back into the grumpy hands of drug addiction. In 3 to 4 months trial, a client learns all that is necessary and vital to live a life without drugs. After completing the Narconon Fresh Start Program, the wonderful and invincible change in the personalities of clients lay down a guarantee not to be doubted.