Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Costly Scams of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are a lot of considerations that you have to undertake before picking the drug rehabilitation facility that is right for you or your loved one. However be sure that not every drug rehab is the place for you. Different rehab facilities offer different programs.

The one thing that most of these drug rehabs have in common is that they are unscrupulous businesses. They are out to capture unsuspecting suffering addicts by paid advertisements. Substance abuse and recovery treatment is a tabooed subject, as people are embarrassed to talk about their experience. So parents or the loved ones of the addicts, take to the internet to find out the best possible options. Overwhelmed by the tones of information and desperate for a quick fix, they end up talking to a sales representative of one of the rehab center. These representatives have been hired specifically to lure you into the scam. So these representatives use statements like “do whatever it takes”, “short term cure”, and “no cost is too great”.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

They also telemarket false claims, and support it by farcical reports, facts and figures. They make empty promises and give you expectations which are impossible to live up to. Then again all they are trying to do is to get you to sign you in.  So why are they so hell bent to enrolling you in? Because they know of your vulnerability. They know that you truly will do whatever it takes and will be willing to pay any cost.

So how do these rehabs rip you off?  Two mechanisms are applied; Firstly they promote a short term cure, they will make you go through excessive and repetitive tests, for which there is no need and our expensive. Then they will experiment different things on you simultaneously. Basically all the options that the sales person duped you into signing they make you go throw these expensive iterating procedures.  So after having experimented with all the above they slowly convince you of the idea of a recovering addict, and go back on their claim of a short term cure. In some cases programs offer guarantees and send addict’s home packing, knowingly that these suffering victims will be back soon. Now that you have been convinced of a lengthy treatment, these rehabs will try to pro long it as much as they can. During the process they will come up with a new and an even more expensive method of treatment. Which their pseudo –physicians and counselors will recommend. If the drug rehabs market, is carefully examined. One realizes that they are pseudo scientific detoxification fronts for a pansy. In fact these rehabs are not even accredited medical treatment facilities or detoxification centers.

However, there are programs Like Narconon Fresh start, which are certified by CARF, have certified medical practitioners nurses and counselors, and have claims substantiated by verified statistics and reports. Narconon Fresh start offers in house rehabilitation and detoxification. Narconon Fresh start despite its relatively economical treatment has attained high success rates of around 76%. You can easily check Narconon and its staff’s credentials, and you can then check their accreditation with the designated agency. 

Go to CARF, and background check the rehab center you enroll, many have been swindled before so don’t get duped out of your money. Get into a program that is right for you. Check the credentials of its service providers. Get a reference from others. Read Narconon Fresh start Reviews of previously enrolled addicts.

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