Saturday, 17 August 2013

Come Back From Substance Use is Possible

Come Back From Substance Use is Possible
Substance abuse is a sad reality of our lives that most of us have had to deal with at one time or another, either directly or through a loved one. The thing to be learnt from this is that addiction is curable, with time, proper care and the support of your loved ones. What people need then, is the assurance that even when all seems lost, there is still hope. To treat addiction, it is necessary to understand what it really is so it can be treated in the best way possible.

Addiction is the compulsion to seek drugs or other recreational substances that even though initially were taken willingly and quite consciously, later on become almost a necessity without which both the mind and the body refuse to function, as such qualifying as a chronic brain disease even that has been termed as physical dependence to the drug, which the body begins to require to function normally.

The best strategy to treat addiction varies from person to person, depending on their level of dependence, the incentives and will power to give up their addiction and the facilities available to help them in the process. A standard program for all rehabilitation purposes would include a detoxification regimen followed by behavioral therapy that would aim to teach the individual how to better use their time and energy more constructively as to avoid the temptation of using such drugs altogether.

All these facilities however are not quite so easy to provide under one roof and that too, to a variety of individuals who each have their own specific needs and requirements to cope with the process of rehabilitation. Some drug rehabilitation programs exploit all these conditions as a quick and easy way to make money by scamming the participants. The recent hype in the media about some such programs highlight the use of the medical licenses of registered physicians without their knowledge or consent to order subscriptions for their patients, conducting multiple, unneeded tests that led to overcharging from the health insurance companies, and the use of various treatment regimens and products that are not verified by the regional drug authorities as being of any particular benefit to the participant.

Narconon Fresh Start is one such drug rehabilitation center based in Los Angeles, California that offers a three to four month program consisting of different steps that claims to have a success rate of more than 75%. Narconon Fresh Start program offers a detoxification treatment that focuses more on natural methods instead of pharmaceutical ones and advocates nutritional supplements with high dose vitamins and minerals. Narconon Fresh Start focuses on the psychological betterment of the participants as well, improving learning outcomes and increasing communication and perception, thereby decreasing the odds of a relapse further down the road. As with all other good programs, the essentials of a trained medical staff, adequate program length and certification by the local medical authorities complemented by Narconon Fresh Start reviews from friends will help in choosing the right program for you.  

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