Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sham Drug Rehab Schemes

Sham Drug Rehab Schemes
Choosing a drug rehabilitation program has become a dilemma for the common man given the uncertainty in the nature of these programs after the recent unmasking of the many fraud schemes that have appeared on the scene regarding these fake drug cure plans. To believe or not to believe in these drug rehab schemes, that is the question – a risk that needs to be taken.

The simple answer to this would be, yes, but not blindly. Not all the drug rehab schemes out there might have your best interests at heart and similarly, not all of them are out there to con your money, but to choose a program that has all the good attributes that are essential for successful rehabilitation cannot be, and is not that easy at all in reality. To choose the right rehab program then, one must know what services to expect from a good facility and to what extent these should play a role in the recovery of the participant.

Some of the pitfalls that should send off potential alarm bells in your head when choosing a drug rehab program is a program that has too short a time period in which the facility advertises a drug free recovery. Any good program must be at least four to six weeks long to account for the detoxification as well as the rehabilitation after the cessation of withdrawal effects and the cravings to start using drugs again has been curbed. A program that offers only two or three weeks of rehab to deliver a drug free person is most certainly a fluke and should be avoided like the plague.

Another avenue of deception could be based on the nature of the program itself, as to whether enough attention is given to the period after the flushing out of the drugs themselves from the body, which is the most critical moment in terms of relapse and falling back of the participant to his old habits. This should be taken care of by the involvement of a health care professional who has the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage the physical and psychological aftermath of such a detoxification process, and guide the individual away from the dependence on these drugs to survive and exist.

All good drug rehabilitation programs will further have some sort of courses that are designed to help the participant get back on track with his life, to deal with the damages that the drug use has most probably incurred and to learn how to remedy them. 

Narconon Fresh Start is such a drug rehabilitation program that boasts of offering all these features in one little attractive package, all under one roof. As a program that has been running successfully for more than the past forty years, Narconon Fresh Start has achieved a success rate of 76 percent. Furthermore, Narconon Fresh Start rehab program has the unique feature of being an all-natural endeavor consisting of a sauna detox center, followed by high doses of vitamins and minerals to perk you right back up and then some real life courses to help you get back on track with the good life.

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