Thursday, 16 May 2013

Alcohol Treatment Center at Sunshine Summit

Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol rehabilitation is a complex process to recover a person completely. Many institutes around the world claim to provide rehabilitation services but only few of them actually can do their job. Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of those rehabilitation centers in the world which gained international eminence due to their services. A unique rehabilitation philosophy and individual care for each patient helps them to recover earlier. The time duration of rehabilitation depends upon the situation and reflex of patient.

Exclusive rehabilitation philosophy

Generally the success rate of rehabs depends upon their approach towards rehabilitation. Narconon fresh start is well-known about its exclusive rehabilitation philosophy. Professionals at Sunshine Summit Lodge don’t believe in the disease model for rehabilitation. Disease model is a term which is used to describe any medical condition which can only be treated with medication. Drug addiction is not like all other diseases which can be solely treated with the help of medication. So the successful Sunshine rehab approach includes trainings, diet and exercises in the whole process of rehabilitation. This will not only enhance the bright chances of recovery but also speed up the whole rehabilitation process.

Time duration for completing the program

According to Sunshine Summit Lodge philosophy of treatment, every patient should be treated individually so that he can respond to the program in a better way. So there is no specific time limit and it entirely depends on the stimulus of candidate that how much time he or she will take to recover completely. Generally most of the rehabilitation cases at Sunshine Summit Lodge take three to four months’ time. The patient will only be considered as a graduate if the case supervision will be completely satisfied with the situation of patient. To be satisfied usually the case supervisors review the complete program with reference to the patient.

Suggestions for patients’ family

Family plays a very important role in the rehabilitation of patients. Sometime unjustified behaviors lead children to adopt drugs as a way out from their problems. There is a strict need to address this issue and to make the parent aware that they may also become the reason for the addiction of their children. Sunshine hires special trainers for the family and friends of patients. They guide the family thoroughly about right or wrong attitudes towards the patient. It will also help them to maintain a healthy relationship in the family afterwards. 


A patient of drug addiction usually suffers a lot of pain and other psychological threats from the society. He is not able to communicate properly so they cut off from the entire world. This situation is pathetic not only for the patient but also for all the loved ones associated with him. In order to treat drug addiction there is no place better than Sunshine Summit Lodge. It is one of the most appreciated rehabilitation centers throughout the world due to their remarkable rehabilitation services. These services help the patient to recover earlier.

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