Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Costly Scams of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are a lot of considerations that you have to undertake before picking the drug rehabilitation facility that is right for you or your loved one. However be sure that not every drug rehab is the place for you. Different rehab facilities offer different programs.

The one thing that most of these drug rehabs have in common is that they are unscrupulous businesses. They are out to capture unsuspecting suffering addicts by paid advertisements. Substance abuse and recovery treatment is a tabooed subject, as people are embarrassed to talk about their experience. So parents or the loved ones of the addicts, take to the internet to find out the best possible options. Overwhelmed by the tones of information and desperate for a quick fix, they end up talking to a sales representative of one of the rehab center. These representatives have been hired specifically to lure you into the scam. So these representatives use statements like “do whatever it takes”, “short term cure”, and “no cost is too great”.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

They also telemarket false claims, and support it by farcical reports, facts and figures. They make empty promises and give you expectations which are impossible to live up to. Then again all they are trying to do is to get you to sign you in.  So why are they so hell bent to enrolling you in? Because they know of your vulnerability. They know that you truly will do whatever it takes and will be willing to pay any cost.

So how do these rehabs rip you off?  Two mechanisms are applied; Firstly they promote a short term cure, they will make you go through excessive and repetitive tests, for which there is no need and our expensive. Then they will experiment different things on you simultaneously. Basically all the options that the sales person duped you into signing they make you go throw these expensive iterating procedures.  So after having experimented with all the above they slowly convince you of the idea of a recovering addict, and go back on their claim of a short term cure. In some cases programs offer guarantees and send addict’s home packing, knowingly that these suffering victims will be back soon. Now that you have been convinced of a lengthy treatment, these rehabs will try to pro long it as much as they can. During the process they will come up with a new and an even more expensive method of treatment. Which their pseudo –physicians and counselors will recommend. If the drug rehabs market, is carefully examined. One realizes that they are pseudo scientific detoxification fronts for a pansy. In fact these rehabs are not even accredited medical treatment facilities or detoxification centers.

However, there are programs Like Narconon Fresh start, which are certified by CARF, have certified medical practitioners nurses and counselors, and have claims substantiated by verified statistics and reports. Narconon Fresh start offers in house rehabilitation and detoxification. Narconon Fresh start despite its relatively economical treatment has attained high success rates of around 76%. You can easily check Narconon and its staff’s credentials, and you can then check their accreditation with the designated agency. 

Go to CARF, and background check the rehab center you enroll, many have been swindled before so don’t get duped out of your money. Get into a program that is right for you. Check the credentials of its service providers. Get a reference from others. Read Narconon Fresh start Reviews of previously enrolled addicts.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cocaine Treatment Scam

Many people unfortunately start using drugs for releasing their mind from the grip of stresses and burdens. Cocaine is one of those drugs which are preferably used by people for such purpose. In response to increasing drug addiction problem in country many drug rehab programs are functional to fight against drug abuse. Many of these centers claim that they will treat addicts within matter of few days which seems illogical in many cases of drug addiction. The scam treatment approaches are used by these centers. Thousands of people waste their money by relying upon these cocaine treatment scam rehabilitation centers.

Addiction treatment should not be taken as to treat a disease. It does not require cure it actually demands proper care and attention towards the subject. It should always be kept in mind that addiction problem is not related only to health it may be associated to a person’s spirit or mind. Therefore, addiction recovery cannot be achieved in few days. It may take many months to revert a person back to his previous healthy and happy life.
Some defrauding companies trick people with suggesting herbal treatments for treating cocaine addiction problem. But it is simply another way of stuffing body with more drugs. It might not be an effective approach for at least treating addiction. Similarly, many drug rehabilitation center offer money back guarantee on their short treatment program. These are just the trapping tricks of these swindle minds people blindly invest their money and time but at the end of this short term cocaine treatment program they get nothing even after claim. Moreover, rehabilitation centers use traditional approaches of treating person’s cognitive behaviors but they do not give space to an addict to get health and spiritual peace. They just want to line their pockets they do not want to use effective treatment approach.

You may think here, that how can we find scam free cocaine treatment center? It is advisable that you should use you full energy to search for a proper, scam free, peaceful and most effective drug rehabilitation center where all services and facilities are available under a roof and where there is no fear of wasting time and money. Obviously, it seems difficult to find such a state of art rehabilitation center. But by putting a little effort you can find this kind of rehabilitation center which could return your happy and healthy life. 

Narconon drug rehab program is promising to fulfill all of your needs for protecting to become victim of scam rehab centers. The treatment approach used by Narconon fresh start is unique and marvelous. Naturally detoxification of body is done here, in which no extra dugs are used to take out existing drugs in your body. The location, services and treatment approach of Narconon drug rehabilitation program are compatible to the requirements for peacefulness of mind and body of an addict. Narconon drug rehabilitation program has denied the traditional approach of treating addiction. Here, clients are treated as students and in very friendly environment drug rehabilitation experts teach them to face challenges of life with confidence and self-reliance. Though it is long term rehabilitation program but you will find yourself a changed and strong person at the completion of your recovery.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of those rehabilitation centers which are providing excellent services for detoxifying the lives of drug addicts. A complete and flawless rehabilitation program is the reason of the exponential success of Sunshine Summit lodge. Professionals working at this outstanding rehab are technically equipped to fight with the disease and destroy the drug metabolites of body. After a patient graduates from Narconon sunshine summit lodge then the institute provides them opportunity to do internship. The internship program is a valuable asset for the enrolled candidates as it will help them an opportunity to work in different rehabilitation centers.

A perfect place for true rehabilitation

Sunshine summit lodge is a rehabilitation center which provides a full fledge program for alcohol and other drug detoxification. True rehabilitation cannot be achieved until a program is equipped with proper medication and psychological approach to fight with the disease. Narconon fresh start provides extra individual care for the patients to understand their psychology and treat them accordingly. Rehabilitation philosophy at Sunshine Summit Lodge is not based on disease model so the emphasis on medication is much less. Professionals at Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program including cognitive training drills, learning improvement courses and co-curricular activities.

Effective drug metabolites excavation

Increased consumption of alcohol creates permanent drug metabolites in the body. These drug metabolites enhance the thirst for drugs and patients are unable to refrain from taking drugs. At Narconon patients are provided with specialized medication which efficiently destroys the mechanism of drug metabolites. Their destruction leads to an easy drug withdrawal in patients. Drug withdrawal is the most sensitive and difficult part of rehabilitation. Professional at Sunshine Summit Lodge developed an excellent way to deal with drug withdrawal stage.

An outstanding internship program

Sunshine Summit Lodge offers a very productive internship course for all its graduates. This internship course will enable them to know about diverse rehabilitation services. Candidates enrolled as internes at Sunshine Summit Lodge are provided with a certification of experience. This certification will generate many employment opportunities in different rehabilitation centers around the world.

Secular approach leading to more chances of enrollment

Sunshine Summit Lodge follows a secular approach in which patients for diverse religions can get their selves enrolled in the program. Each and every religion is respected at Sunshine Summit Lodge and patients are also allowed to visit their sacred places once in a while. It will give them mental satisfaction along with more chances to enter in this outstanding rehabilitation center.   

Sunshine Summit Lodge is providing extraordinary rehabilitation services for drug addicts around the world. At sunshine Summit Lodge patients are considered as students and that is why this outstanding rehab takes the responsibility of the physiological and as well as psychological growth. Patients are entertained with different games like football, volley ball, swimming and many other. These activities help them a lot in their physical fitness. Cognitive behavioral modification theory aids them to be emotionally strong and confident to face the world.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Fresh Start towards a Healthy Life

Narconon Fresh Start is a new drug rehab program that undertakes to recover the alcohol and drug addicts from their addictive habits. It not only recovers the individuals from addiction but makes them beneficial human beings. It is a fresh start towards a brand new healthy life.

A drug-free detoxification 

Narconon fresh start is a recovery method that is not based on any drug based method but educational method in which the drug affected individuals are trained to make decisions of their life. No alternative drugs are used to take the patient out of the effects of drug residuals.  Sauna bath therapy with maintained diet is used to eliminate the drug residuals from the body of the patients.

How rehabilitation is achieved?

A real rehabilitation is achieved through new life detoxification program which discharges the drug residue from the body and thus ends the cravings in the mind of the patient to take the drugs. When these cravings are over, the patient is ready to be prepared for his new life. Then new life skills are used in the form of step-by-step courses to teach him how to live a healthy productive life. These courses enable him to face his past without any remorse and recognize destructive elements around him.

Activities and exercises

 The program is not drug based program but is activity based. Different activities and exercises are facilitated in the program. The opportunities of social interaction are provided so that the clients may learn to face the people with full confidence and learn how to live a positive social life. The opportunities of all these are provided in the program, for example, a weight & exercise area, , sauna, basketball Jacuzzi, volleyball, ,jogging path, pool, ping-pong, and  tennis etc.

Life improving courses

Different life-improving courses are used to improve the life and thought of patients. Way to Happiness Course trains the graduates to tread the path of happiness and joy. Changing Conditions in Life Course introduces the students to various conditions of life and teaches them various ways of living a healthy life. Personal Values and Integrity Course gives lesson of facing past without any regret or guiltiness. Secondly, it develops moral and ethical values to them so that they may live a positive without using drugs. Communication & Perception Course enhances communication skills through drills and enables the students to control their life and other person and things around them.

Program parameters

The program has a practical success rate of 76% which is reliable and trustworthy. Narconon fresh start has a successful history of 45 years of rehabilitation. 6 month guarantee is given to the clients which means that if they have any problem after their discharge, they can revert to program without any fee. 24 hours a day are invested on the students and usually the program ends in 3 or 4 months.
The program is a valued and rewarding rehab program that withdraws the patients from the life of addiction and takes them into a new drug free life full of purpose. It is a start of new healthy life. The patients are treated as wholes in the program.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Drug-free Withdrawal

Addiction is very common now a day’s among the youth. In order to look trendy and up to date the youngsters start taking drugs. The continuous intake of drug damages the body and brain. Many youngsters do not get full recovery from the addiction as some of the drug rehabilitation programs just detoxify the body from the drugs but the craving for drugs remains intact. This can cause the serious health problems. Narconon Fresh Start is the right choice for recovery of the person from addiction. It is the renowned drug rehabilitation program, working with the goal of seeking new life for all the people who are in miseries due to addiction. Narconon Fresh Start is operating worldwide as a nonprofit organization to rehabilitate people dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Holistic Treatment Approach 

Narconon Fresh Start is comprehensive rehab program that adopts a holistic approach of behaviour modification. Narconon experts think that addiction is a deviational behaviour and if the clients are educated to know the catastrophic effects of addiction, they can get ready to bring a change in them. Narconon program helps them alter their pattern of life. By teaching the communicative skills to its clients, it enables them to better express themselves before the experts and facilitate their work of correction and restoration from alcohol reliance. At Narconon, the clients are also provided a number of physical activities to restore their health and learn social interaction that often distorts in people dependent or used to drugs and alcohol.

Narconon Alcoholism 

 An alcoholic never accepts that he is addict to alcohol but the dependency on liquor is clearly manifested by the behaviour that needs correction. The family of the alcohol addict will have to make him realize that a drug rehab is the solution for his problem. Narconon Fresh Start has the best plan to rehabilitate its clients applying natural detoxification methodology and behaviour modification that results into perfect recovery. Narconon offers a unique plan that ensures painless withdrawal of the alcohol and helps the clients to take a fresh start in their lives controlling their urges for alcohol.

Narconon contributions

Dependence on drugs ruins the life of the people, affects the relations, and destroys one’s career. For all such problems, Narconon is the only solution. It offers a set of engaging activities to the clients that help them fight against their longing for alcohol. Within months the clients observe a terrific change in their behaviour. Many people are leading healthy and active lives because of the Narconon Fresh Start. The recovery rate at Narconon facility is 76%. It is not only a proof of the best rehab techniques adopted by the Narconon experts; it also encourages people to feel that rehabilitation from alcohol is quite possible.

Narconon rehab facility not only provides the detoxification but also provides the basic skills that will help the addict in leading the healthy and sober life. At Narconon fresh start, the clients are provided with proper instructions which clear up the mind of the addicts of depressed and hopeless thoughts. It also makes them capable of making decisions for themselves and face the challenges of life with confidence.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Innovative Rehabilitation Techniques

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is unique and one of its kind. It has revolutionized the way drug addicts are treated worldwide. The program is based on proven technologies, theories and techniques that have emerged from rigorous research and development of decades. The program is unique as it stresses highly on the usage of non-drug treatment. It means that the addicts are not provided any drug or medicine to detoxify, relax, sleep and in performing other life related activities. These drug treatments used by other organizations are known to produce adverse affects and cause other minor health issues which can in the long run turn out to be dangerous. The clients are treated individually and no group therapy is conducted at Narconon facilities.

1. Usage of Vitamins and supplements

The usage of supplements makes the human body susceptible to disease attacks on one hand and also helps addicts in covering the lost ground in health. The vitamins are particularly important for the purpose of drug treatment as they tend to fill the gaps left by residuals in the human body after drug avoidance. The usage of such supplements and vitamins is carefully monitored and administered by the team of experts and professionals involved in Narconon Fresh Start program.

2. Recreation and sports facilities

The customers are provided with excellent recreation and sports facilities that are smartly chosen and designed to increase the stamina of the recovering drug addicts. These customers taking part in sports and other recreation facilities are carefully monitored by the staff for improvement and identification of any weaknesses. The presence of Jacuzzi, pool, fitness center, ridding, jogging and swimming facilities is particularly liked by many customers attending the program.

3. Conducive environment

The environment in the Sunshine Summit Lodge is very friendly in general and healthy. The program has especially adopted itself to make the overall environment at the center friendly and conducive to mental as well as physical healing. The staff is trained to treat the customers in a polite manner and to act in front of them as good human beings. It is particularly based on the philosophy that seeing good acts can inspire the onlooker to behave and act in the same or even better way. The fresh air and calm surroundings are particularly chosen as a treatment part, so that the customers do not feel agitated to revert back to addiction.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

A World Class Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of the very few excellent quality rehabilitation centers in the world. The drug addiction problems and their destructive consequences are in no way acceptable that causes not only problems to the individuals dependent on drugs but also embarrassment to their families. Narconon Fresh Start program is considered as a highly effective way of helping the drug addicts and bringing them back into social life. The drug rehabilitation process is excellent and consists of an all round approach for tackling direct and indirect problems associated with the drug and alcohol addiction.


The major purpose of Narconon Fresh Start program is to provide maximum support and curing facilities to the individuals needing help. The program consists not only of medical cure and remedies to rehabilitate but also motivate the addicts on an individual level. The individualistic approach used is highly effective and important constituent of the program that has done wonders for the addicts’ health. The usage of individual sessions is also important to give a feeling of closeness to these addicts who no doubt seek privacy in telling their needs and problems to their doctors and other stuff.

Ethical and Moral Help

The addicts are also provided with the motivation and ethical help to overcome their frustrations. The addicts are mostly afflicted mentally and need kind words and attention from their doctors and support staff at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. The individuals are also provided with group discussion and mental healing sessions for starting community relationships between addicts and also for diverting the minds of addicts away from drug addiction. Moreover, the ethical training is also provided to these individuals so that they can successfully fit in the social fabric after graduating from the Narconon Fresh Start program.

Proper Education

The addicts are also provided with excellent and easy to understand education regarding the usage of drugs, their demerits and life threat associated with them. It greatly motivates them and provides them with much needed knowledge to counter any side effects as they are leaving the drugs. The alcohol and drug addiction are both countered and cured in this way also. It is because the individual himself is responsible for saving his life and once an individual has graduated successfully, it is entirely up to him if he wants to keep away from drugs or again take up the habit.

Community Services

The individuals at the center are also asked to do some community services, and that fosters the goodness in the addicts. They start interacting with one another for simple tasks and perform various activities for overall goodness. The local health fairs, tree planting, helping local church groups, helping local community groups and centers, distributing food and goods to the people in need and helping the seniors. Moreover, they also volunteer in fire fighting; reading programs create the learning programs, etc. for getting maximum out of their stay at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. All these activities foster communal goodness in the humans and they learn to value their and others’ lives.