Monday, 3 June 2013

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

A World Class Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of the very few excellent quality rehabilitation centers in the world. The drug addiction problems and their destructive consequences are in no way acceptable that causes not only problems to the individuals dependent on drugs but also embarrassment to their families. Narconon Fresh Start program is considered as a highly effective way of helping the drug addicts and bringing them back into social life. The drug rehabilitation process is excellent and consists of an all round approach for tackling direct and indirect problems associated with the drug and alcohol addiction.


The major purpose of Narconon Fresh Start program is to provide maximum support and curing facilities to the individuals needing help. The program consists not only of medical cure and remedies to rehabilitate but also motivate the addicts on an individual level. The individualistic approach used is highly effective and important constituent of the program that has done wonders for the addicts’ health. The usage of individual sessions is also important to give a feeling of closeness to these addicts who no doubt seek privacy in telling their needs and problems to their doctors and other stuff.

Ethical and Moral Help

The addicts are also provided with the motivation and ethical help to overcome their frustrations. The addicts are mostly afflicted mentally and need kind words and attention from their doctors and support staff at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. The individuals are also provided with group discussion and mental healing sessions for starting community relationships between addicts and also for diverting the minds of addicts away from drug addiction. Moreover, the ethical training is also provided to these individuals so that they can successfully fit in the social fabric after graduating from the Narconon Fresh Start program.

Proper Education

The addicts are also provided with excellent and easy to understand education regarding the usage of drugs, their demerits and life threat associated with them. It greatly motivates them and provides them with much needed knowledge to counter any side effects as they are leaving the drugs. The alcohol and drug addiction are both countered and cured in this way also. It is because the individual himself is responsible for saving his life and once an individual has graduated successfully, it is entirely up to him if he wants to keep away from drugs or again take up the habit.

Community Services

The individuals at the center are also asked to do some community services, and that fosters the goodness in the addicts. They start interacting with one another for simple tasks and perform various activities for overall goodness. The local health fairs, tree planting, helping local church groups, helping local community groups and centers, distributing food and goods to the people in need and helping the seniors. Moreover, they also volunteer in fire fighting; reading programs create the learning programs, etc. for getting maximum out of their stay at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. All these activities foster communal goodness in the humans and they learn to value their and others’ lives.

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