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An Opportunity for Drug Addicts to Get Their Lives Back on Track

Narconon Fresh Start
An Opportunity for Drug Addicts to Get Their Lives Back on Track

Narconon Rehab Facility – Welcoming, Reliable & Result-oriented
Narconon Fresh Start is a perfect place to begin with the rehab process. It has all the necessary qualities that are needed to be just a perfect place to initiate rehab treatment. The comments mentioned in Narconon Fresh Start reviews manifest the trust of the people recovered at Narconon facilities that they went through a comprehensive treatment plan that was drug-free detox mingled with a number of educational courses.

Narconon accepts all the drug and alcohol addicts as students. By calling them students, the Narconon experts try to lift up the level of confidence in their clients that is badly shattered due addiction and societal response on it. For a perfect fresh start, Narconon professional have devised a number of educational programs for the clients’ psychological and behavioral enhancement. Leaving drugs is never easy for an addicts and it causes certain embarrassment to them as well. Narconon experts are well-trained to face all these situations and provide the best guidance, treatment and care to the clients enrolled at Narconon facilities. Narconon Fresh Start reviews provide you a window to monitor the execution of Narconon rehab program. The satisfaction of the clients is enough to encourage the hopeless addicts to try Narconon Fresh Start as a remedy to their predicament.

Narconon’s Objective – True Rehabilitation
Narconon Fresh Start has designed several life changing programs for the clients. The communication program is designed to give the Narconon students confidence and an opportunity of interaction with others in a better way.  It helps to improve their confidence and bring them back to take interest in social life. Narconon Fresh Start offers a new life detoxification program which is designed to achieve a drug-free withdrawal, saving the clients from all possible harms.

Narconon Fresh Start reviews attest the provision of the best quality of treatment provided to Narconon clients according to their needs. The contents of Narconon Fresh Start have a focus on building a new personality of the clients and help them regain what they have lost. They are taught to know the value of positive attitude in life and face the realities instead of taking refuge in the world of alcohol and drugs. They are further enlightened that life is a gift and everyone should take care of this gift in the best way possible. We should never lose hope and try to make right choices for the ones we care the most. 

Narconon professionals term it a “true rehabilitation” that includes not only leaving dependence on drugs and alcohol but also changes the behavior of the clients absolutely from addictive to normal and positive.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Addict’s Dilemma: Where to Seek Refuge?

The Addict’s Dilemma: Where to Seek Refuge?

Drug addiction is a complex phenomenon that requires utmost attention and care during treatment. It is usually said that social challenges and pressure lead people to take drugs and alcohol for self satisfaction and mental peace. There are many physiological and mentally problems associated with addicted persons that lead them to the path of death. Long term therapeutic techniques and psychological treatment bring out the clients from the depth of this disaster.

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews prove that the program provides the clients with unique treatment plan that includes healthy and physical activities along with educational and motivational courses. Narconon facilities have the best trained professionals that monitor the progress in clients with keen attention and guide them with the best rehab techniques. With such features, Narconon Fresh start program has a distinguished position with an amazing success result that is about 76% as compared to other conventional treatment programs.

Drug Free Detoxification Philosophy

Narconon rehab program treats the patient with sauna therapy, which is the natural method of that detoxification through skin rejuvenation and decongestion of internal organs that enhance the skin sweating and get rid of metabolites. Professionals at Narconon modify the behavior and attitudes of their clients in minimum available time but in many complicated cases it varies, depending upon the intensity of the problem associated and psychological condition of the client. Narconon Fresh Start program believes in imparting the clients with conviction and willpower to get freedom from addiction. It provides the clients a comfortable and supporting environment where they can feel at home and respond well the various components of the program.  The rehabilitated clients are much appreciative of the free-detox in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews.

Quick and Solid Recovery

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews also manifest that that program enables the clients to regain their lost confidence and motivates them to take a step toward the healthy life. The program helps the patients to restore their personalities through regular discussions and participating in various social activities. Narconon takes special care to keep patient monitored to follow his recovery. When the patient seems to withdraw drugs, Narconon program starts to teach them basic lessons of life skills which are of enormous benefit to the clients. Attending the treatment program ensures quick recovery and a substance free living.

Individual Care and Education

Despite of giving them healthy activities and social interaction, Narconon Fresh start maintains the regular checkup of the program’s participants to observe their health. The next step is nursing the individual back to healthy life by giving them education that instills the spirit of living a positive and normal life thus making their personalities better than ever before.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Turnover a new leaf from Substance Use

Turnover a new leaf from Substance Use

Narconon Fresh Start: A holistic Rehab Approach

Narconon’s complete physical program consists of six major elements: Exercise, saunas, supplements, and diets with vegetables, sufficient liquids and sleep. Exercise and saunas are good ways to get rid the body of drug residues which are stored in the body’s fat cells. Exercise burns these fat cells causing the drugs to be released into the body’s main circulatory system from where they are flushed out. Saunas are used to sweat out the drugs as it has been shown scientifically that sweating is one of the safest and most effective ways to flush drugs out of the body besides passing them via human waste.

Supplements include high doses of niacin as vitamin supplements increase body strength and endurance and help you physically overcome the tough drug withdrawal period. Diets with vegetables are also part of the cleansing program which helps to ensure that the body has enough healthy nutrition to remain strong while avoiding fats, oils and other nutritional elements associated with junk foods. A similar doctrine also applies to the fluids which are part of the program. Sleeping is also a good way to get through the program. Good long periods of sleep help pass the time during which the body is rejecting the drugs in the body and accelerates the healing process. This comprehensiveness of Narconon program is enormously admired and verified in Narconon Fresh Start reviews.

Mental Exercises

The mental aspect of Narconon Fresh Start is what truly makes it unique amongst all the drug rehab programs in the world. It makes the program more holistic and also explains why the program is longer than most other drug rehab programs. Most other rehab programs will just detox their patients and release them after seven days. But Narconon Fresh Start puts the patients through a rigorous mental discipline program which teaches them effective communication skills, mental exercises to strengthen will power and self awareness and behavioral modification techniques.

Narconon Fresh Start ensures that our graduates will be able to regulate themselves after release into the outside world because there will be no controlled environment in the real world and control over addiction will have to come from the patient’s mental fortitude. Therefore Narconon rehab programs last longer but are much more effective due to their addresses of both the physical situation and the mental situation of their patients. The best proof of our diligence, devotion and innovation is the feedback we get from our patients and their loved ones mentioned in Narconon Fresh Start reviews.

The time to act is now

The main point to be stressed here is that the sooner a person signs up for the Narconon program, the better. Addiction becomes stronger the longer it goes on and the best idea is to always nip the problem in the bud. Hence signing up for Narconon as soon as possible if you suffer from addiction is the best choice. If you are concerned about the program or have apprehensions regarding whether or not it can truly help you, please know that Narconon is happy to take back patients for free who have suffered a relapse after three to six months of Narconon Fresh Start therapy. These patients will be welcome to rejoin the program at no cost to them and attempt completion once again.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - Restart your Life

Narconon Fresh Start: Restart your Life

Drug abuse destroys millions of lives worldwide every year and has been continuing to do so since the dawn of the twentieth century. However, there is now a solution to overcome the problem - Narconon Fresh Start. It is designed to help recovering drug addicts get back on track with their lives and make a new future for themselves with a fresh start in life. 

Narconon Fresh Start – Distinguished Features

Narconon program is different from the rest of the drug rehabilitation programs that are in operation in a number of ways. First and the foremost, Narconon adopts a rather radical system of detoxification (getting rid of the drug molecules that have become stored in the body through prolonged drug use) that is entirely drug and instead depends on natural processes for the complete cleansing of the body of any residual drugs. This has the effect of bypassing any unwarranted side effects that could come from artificially synthesized chemicals that are traditionally used for the detoxification process, and the process involves a unique Sauna procedure that accomplishes all this as naturally as possible.

Narconon Supportive Courses

The life skill courses are another important characteristic of Narconon Fresh Start that serves to distinguish it from the rest of the rehab programs. These courses are intended to provide a person with the knowledge and insight that is likely to save them when confronted with a situation that could lead them to desire the quick way out through drug use. The courses include the Communication Skills course, the Ups and Downs in life course, the Personal Values and Integrity course, the Changing Conditions in Life Course and the Way to Happiness course. The benefit of these courses is enormous and has been greatly appreciated in Narconon Fresh Start reviews.

The program usually takes four to six months to complete. Once a person has ‘graduated’ from Narconon, this means that they have successfully participated in and completed the rehabilitation program and are now sure that are ready to face the outside world once again, using the skills they’ve learned during their time here to lead a fulfilling, ethical and drug free life. More importantly, they have learned to apply their new found knowledge to everyday situations which will not undoubtedly arise again, and they will not bow before them with escape through the use of drugs as they did before but to face them head on and solve them rationally. 

Narconon’s Multiple Services

In addition to providing treatment to affected individuals, Narconon is also focusing on spreading awareness among the population and especially among the youth about the harms of drug abuse and addiction. This is only possible if they are properly educated about the risks that come packaged with these drugs as well as the potential for doing harm, thus making it essential that they be taught how to avoid them and make the right choice. 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Get your Life Back with a Trusted Rehab Program

Get your Life Back with a Trusted Rehab Program

Drug addiction is becoming a dangerous aspect of the global communities. The numbers of addicts have increased at a quick pace in last decade with each year having more addiction problem than before. The reason why the problem is difficult to be dealt with on the level of government and law enforcing agencies is the huge money involved. The corrupt countries in particular are suffering more than others at the hand of drug mafias. To counter the adverse situation, a number of drug rehabilitation schemes and programs have been started.

These programs mostly consist of medical drug treatments, imposing and restricting the addicts forcefully, but do not attack the personal problems and mental inabilities on personal level. One of the finest drug addiction rehabilitation programs is the Narconon Fresh Start program that makes immense use of drug free rehabilitation philosophy. The major stress is laid on building the trust factor of patients, families and the community as complete freedom from addiction is not considered realistic now. This is the reason why the program has reached 76% success rate and the feedback shows impressive results in times to come also. Here is a brief description of some of the courses taught at the Narconon Fresh Start program:

1. The Communication Course
The drills are performed by patients to get better communication skills in this course of Narconon Fresh Start program. It is highly relevant to the way the drug addiction patients confront the various life situations and counter the adverse scenarios through communication. It is often known that the drug patients and addicts find it hard to talk about the topics of life considered as crucial by many. Therefore, to harness their inbuilt capability to communicate the patients are allowed to communicate in a free manner and are earnestly helped and guided by the supervising team.

The major cause of drug addiction to start in the first place is not actually the presence of mental pressures and challenges but inability to communicate properly with others. The communications course is composed of its eight training routines that are unique in various aspects and aid in learning the valuable techniques of problem resolution.

2. Changing Conditions in Life Course
The course is designed to help the drug addiction patients get in close contact with their friends and family. Narconon Fresh Start program aims at holistic treatment of all the personal values and mental hitches in human lives. This course is another extension of this philosophy and the patients are helped to believe that they can overcome any hurdle and life problem by implementing the proper formulas of problem solving and moving forward in life. The course is crucial for the inner well being and confidence acquisition of the patients.

It is the precise reason why the patients are treated so carefully and are prepared to face the adverse life situations and challenges after graduating from the program. These courses have produced excellent results in the patients’ confidence level improvement and their ability to go through various life situations.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Narconon Fresh Start - A step Toward Healthy Life

Narconon Fresh Start - A step Toward Healthy Life

The issue of drug addiction is a very grim one and has taken hundreds and thousands of families in its grip. Addiction has caused many teenagers and mature ones immense damage. The damage does not only include the problem of health but also has its roots in the psychological behavior too. It is because when everyone knows about the harmful impacts of drugs and addiction they why do the people succumb into it. It is mainly because of the social, life and mental pressures and other challenges that a person is facing. The drug addicts seek refuge from their problems in drugs. 

At first the drugs give them good sleep and satisfaction as they seem to forget their worries but then slowly they regular consumers and addicts of drugs. Although the drugs and alcohol addiction is banned in many societies and law enforcing agencies take good measures against them but still the drug trafficking rackets somehow find ways of influencing the humans. There are therefore many countering approaches and rehabilitation programs to account for the damages but still they are not able to show impressive results. One of the best and long running addiction treatment programs is named as the Narconon Fresh Start. Some of the many aspects of Narconon Fresh Start program are explained below:

1. Drug and Alcohol Cravings
The addicts are mostly very compulsive and are compelled to take the drugs due to the metabolites or residuals in the human body. These remains in the human body are essentially ill treated and are a continuous cause of addiction cravings. The temptation forces an addict to consume drugs again and again, but this can be stopped through the use of chemical drugs and other means too. The chemical drugs however cannot be consumed by the patients with bad liver, lungs, etc. as they may negatively affect them in the process. 

Narconon Fresh Start program makes use of an innovative sauna therapy and program for the purpose of rectifying the issue. These expel the harmful effects of drug consumption from the human body and more importantly remove the temptation for taking more drugs. The clients are thus enabled with deeper recovery level in which the personal issues are addressed and repair is emphasized. 

2. Secular Program
The Narconon Fresh Start program is a secular approach of drug treatment. It therefore does not incorporate any method that is against any religion, creed, caste or color. The program is designed in a way that it could be adopted very easily by any other person. The local church and other holy places’ transportation facilities are provided so that the patients can regularly visit their holy places for peace of mind.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Return To Normalcy, The Narconon Claim

Return to Normalcy, the Narconon Claim
Description: Narconon Fresh Start does not believe in getting rid of addiction with the help of medicine. It focuses to changes behavior of its clients by teaching them to correct the root causes of their inclination towards drugs.

The disturbing phenomenon of drug addiction and its repercussions on the society are increasing as the society is largely deteriorating due to the families affected by it. The presence of social media and civil society are truly helping to diffuse the situation but the drug addiction has become a matter of much severity and importance in many parts of the globe. It is also compounded by the fact that the general public thinks addiction to be a nearly incurable. The vital body organs like heart, lungs and liver are severely affected by the long consumption of the drugs and alcohol metabolites in body.

There are a number of drug addiction treatment programs with different ways and methodologies to deal with the issue. However, most of these programs do not show impressive results as they are largely based on small term methods of recovery and do not consider the human problems and will power as important to play a vital role in rehabilitating an individual from addiction. One excellent program in this regard is Narconon Fresh Start that is excellent in its philosophy of drug free withdrawal of lethal and harmful substances from the human body. Here are some of the various activities carried out in the program to free the patients from addiction.
1.    New Life Detoxification Program
The specially designed detoxification program performs wonders for the patients in removing the residuals and wasteful materials from their body organs. The human cells are thus freed from the drug and alcohol metabolites that may cause problems and stop a person from getting rid of the cravings. The new life detoxification program takes several weeks to complete. At the end of this program the patient is able to react better to the personal issues and problems at hand.
2.    Ups and Downs in Life Course
The ‘Ups and Downs in Life Course’ is an effective part of the Narconon Fresh Start program. The patients are effectively taught about social and antisocial personalities. The course is designed to educate the students about the destructive and constructive people in one’s life. After completing the course, the patients become better judges to evaluate and understand various complex scenarios in life. They learn to keep away from the people who are destructive in their lives and make friends with people who are actively improving their lives in some way or the other. It therefore makes them get to better places in life with good individuals and friends to accompany.
3.    Changing Conditions in Life Course
The ‘Changing Conditions in Life Course’ is an effective tool of the Narconon Fresh Start program that is really helpful in teaching and guiding the patients in life living ways. The formulas for leading a successful life are taught and the patients are taught to effectively remove the issues from their past life with destructive affects. The patients are hence enabled to manage their life conditions in a much better way and regain their standing in work, home and with family.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sham Drug Rehab Schemes

Sham Drug Rehab Schemes
Choosing a drug rehabilitation program has become a dilemma for the common man given the uncertainty in the nature of these programs after the recent unmasking of the many fraud schemes that have appeared on the scene regarding these fake drug cure plans. To believe or not to believe in these drug rehab schemes, that is the question – a risk that needs to be taken.

The simple answer to this would be, yes, but not blindly. Not all the drug rehab schemes out there might have your best interests at heart and similarly, not all of them are out there to con your money, but to choose a program that has all the good attributes that are essential for successful rehabilitation cannot be, and is not that easy at all in reality. To choose the right rehab program then, one must know what services to expect from a good facility and to what extent these should play a role in the recovery of the participant.

Some of the pitfalls that should send off potential alarm bells in your head when choosing a drug rehab program is a program that has too short a time period in which the facility advertises a drug free recovery. Any good program must be at least four to six weeks long to account for the detoxification as well as the rehabilitation after the cessation of withdrawal effects and the cravings to start using drugs again has been curbed. A program that offers only two or three weeks of rehab to deliver a drug free person is most certainly a fluke and should be avoided like the plague.

Another avenue of deception could be based on the nature of the program itself, as to whether enough attention is given to the period after the flushing out of the drugs themselves from the body, which is the most critical moment in terms of relapse and falling back of the participant to his old habits. This should be taken care of by the involvement of a health care professional who has the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage the physical and psychological aftermath of such a detoxification process, and guide the individual away from the dependence on these drugs to survive and exist.

All good drug rehabilitation programs will further have some sort of courses that are designed to help the participant get back on track with his life, to deal with the damages that the drug use has most probably incurred and to learn how to remedy them. 

Narconon Fresh Start is such a drug rehabilitation program that boasts of offering all these features in one little attractive package, all under one roof. As a program that has been running successfully for more than the past forty years, Narconon Fresh Start has achieved a success rate of 76 percent. Furthermore, Narconon Fresh Start rehab program has the unique feature of being an all-natural endeavor consisting of a sauna detox center, followed by high doses of vitamins and minerals to perk you right back up and then some real life courses to help you get back on track with the good life.

The False Claims of Drug Rehab Programs

The False Claims of Drug Rehab Programs
Drug rehabilitation programs can be the only ray of light in a world full of darkness for somebody who has gone down the path of addiction. This curse leads only to plight and misery, be it of tobacco, alcohol or other recreational drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, marijuana or ecstasy, or even the abuse of simple over the counter medication like pain killers and sleeping pills or muscle relaxants.

The most common false claim of these drug rehabilitation programs can be about the duration of the program itself, which is a deciding factor in the success or failure of the treatment. A simple program might just include a short detoxification program which serves only to flush out the drugs that have been piling up in your system, without any heed to the effects of withdrawal that the participant will have to go through in the coming days.

Another way which adds to the ambiguity surrounding the authenticity of these programs is the nature of the detoxification process itself and what types of drugs or procedures it employs for the treatment. Some programs like Narconon Fresh Start go for an entirely natural approach, using a steam chamber to accelerate the excretion of drugs from the body. Unlike Narconon Fresh Start, other programs might take a more targeted approach by giving the relative antidote or antagonist of the class of the drug being abused. 

Once the body is relatively free of drugs, along with maintaining vital nutrient and electrolyte balance in the body with proper diet, a rigorous program to cope with the withdrawal effects is of the essence, in the absence of which the entire process can be quite painful for the participant as well as taxing on their loved ones as well, which needs proper medical attention and perhaps even sedative drugs to complete the transition process. Once the withdrawal phase has successfully been gone through, the program must consider the real phase of rehabilitation which must encompass a regimen of counseling, support and therapy to recondition the individual and allay their false perceptions about the nature of the drugs that they’ve fallen prey to.

Some rehab programs have been known to prescribe drugs using the name of a medical practitioner who had no idea that their name was being used in such a process. Others have come under fire for billing their patients for more than the services being provided, or over charging, or even ordering the same test or drug screen for more than the times usually required, thereby billing the insurance company or indirectly, the tax payers, for tests that were not even necessary.

Narconon Fresh Start has been in the business of the rehabilitation of people involved in drug abuse for more than forty years now and has come a long way in terms of successful treatment and positive acclaim from a satisfied customer base. With its all natural approach and its many courses that teach its participants, Narconon Fresh Start rehab program guides its clients how to steer clear of drugs in the future as well as rediscovering and finding new meaning in their lives.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Why to Choose Narconon

Why to Choose Narconon?
Drug rehabilitation programs can be Godsend in terms of hope and vitality. Good rehab programs can help addicts get their lives back and return to the society as a healthy functioning unit. But they can also prove to be a nightmare for an individual and others who care about them if proper guidance and treatment is not exercised. Given the uncertainty about the issue of the treatment of addiction and the vagueness surrounding the efficacy of any specific treatment regimen, it is quite easy to set up a ghost business with the aim to swindle people of their hard earned money in times of need, and this is exactly what many such programs have recently come under fire for doing so.

The first thing to keep in mind about any rehabilitation program is the services it offers, in terms of duration of the program, the strategy being employed for detoxification, and the management techniques offered for placating the withdrawal phase that would hit soon once the addict’s craving for the drug begins again. What most of these fake drugs cure plans offer is just a basic detoxification program, without any regard for the difficult phases that have yet to come and more imperative that they be managed, and without which relapse is a must no matter how expertly the drugs were flushed out of the participant’s system before. Another point to keep in mind is the competency and attitude of the staff that is quite an important factor in the road to recovery. And then, there must be some programs that tend to really ‘rehabilitate’ the person in terms of providing a fresh and better drug-free environment for him that should encourage the use of both his physical and mental faculties in a better way.

Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehabilitation facility that started in 1966 based on the work and thoughts of the Scientology founder, L. Ron. Hubbard, and was created by a former inmate at the Arizona State Prisons. Their stance is that withdrawal should be drug-free and they believe the individual to be responsible for his own condition, and capable of improving it given the right circumstances under which to do so. The detoxification takes place as part of a dedicated Sauna program by Narconon Fresh Start that serves to increase the rate at which the drugs leave the body, and then a special dose of vitamins and minerals is prescribed to as part of the regimen.

Narconon Fresh Start has gained public acclaim and acceptance as well and many well-known people in the entertainment industry have also aligned their interests with them. Tom Cruise, the singers Nicky Hopkins and Kristie Alley have also become advocates of Narconon Fresh Start after being a part of it themselves and then successfully remaining drug free.

When choosing any drug rehabilitation program, it is necessary that you don’t fall prey to the advertiser’s claims that sound too good to be true and that you actively that ascertain the value and success of a given program before enrolling, so you can get your money’s worth while taking a step towards recovery. 

Come Back From Substance Use is Possible

Come Back From Substance Use is Possible
Substance abuse is a sad reality of our lives that most of us have had to deal with at one time or another, either directly or through a loved one. The thing to be learnt from this is that addiction is curable, with time, proper care and the support of your loved ones. What people need then, is the assurance that even when all seems lost, there is still hope. To treat addiction, it is necessary to understand what it really is so it can be treated in the best way possible.

Addiction is the compulsion to seek drugs or other recreational substances that even though initially were taken willingly and quite consciously, later on become almost a necessity without which both the mind and the body refuse to function, as such qualifying as a chronic brain disease even that has been termed as physical dependence to the drug, which the body begins to require to function normally.

The best strategy to treat addiction varies from person to person, depending on their level of dependence, the incentives and will power to give up their addiction and the facilities available to help them in the process. A standard program for all rehabilitation purposes would include a detoxification regimen followed by behavioral therapy that would aim to teach the individual how to better use their time and energy more constructively as to avoid the temptation of using such drugs altogether.

All these facilities however are not quite so easy to provide under one roof and that too, to a variety of individuals who each have their own specific needs and requirements to cope with the process of rehabilitation. Some drug rehabilitation programs exploit all these conditions as a quick and easy way to make money by scamming the participants. The recent hype in the media about some such programs highlight the use of the medical licenses of registered physicians without their knowledge or consent to order subscriptions for their patients, conducting multiple, unneeded tests that led to overcharging from the health insurance companies, and the use of various treatment regimens and products that are not verified by the regional drug authorities as being of any particular benefit to the participant.

Narconon Fresh Start is one such drug rehabilitation center based in Los Angeles, California that offers a three to four month program consisting of different steps that claims to have a success rate of more than 75%. Narconon Fresh Start program offers a detoxification treatment that focuses more on natural methods instead of pharmaceutical ones and advocates nutritional supplements with high dose vitamins and minerals. Narconon Fresh Start focuses on the psychological betterment of the participants as well, improving learning outcomes and increasing communication and perception, thereby decreasing the odds of a relapse further down the road. As with all other good programs, the essentials of a trained medical staff, adequate program length and certification by the local medical authorities complemented by Narconon Fresh Start reviews from friends will help in choosing the right program for you.  

Thursday, 25 July 2013


The step towards rehabilitation is a life changing decision for almost every addict who chooses to or is imposed to go through a rehab. The decision making phase for the addict and/or the family is one of the hardest phases of the journey towards rehabilitation. It is when you would face a lot of confusion as to which path to choose on the journey towards rehab. Many a paths are misleading, they appear tempting and almost perfect at times, but they do not take you towards your desired destination in the best and the most efficient way possible.
With the growing consumption of drugs and alcohol, the need for rehabs has increased with the same proportion over the time, and with the simple economic rule, when the demand of a commodity increases, the price increases. All over the world, the drug rehabilitation has significantly inclined more towards business than a care center, or facility, similar to hospitals. The rehabilitation organizations, institutions, centers, have started to make money out of people’s desperation and misery. By giving the people in need of help just the kind of information and words they want to know and hear, the rehabilitation centers make sure that they make their facilities seem perfect and the most appropriate option available to them and tempt them into choosing their facility, ensuring the prosperity of their business more than the quality of treatment they provide to the patients.


With this kind of approach of the rehab centers towards the patients, the health and care of the patient going through the rehabilitation process is put at the second priority, which enables the rehab centers to stretch the development in progress of the patients, resulting in pouring in of more money in form of treatment charges/fee. These are the conditions that are not favorable for the patient and for the family of the patient, but are only suitable for the “business”; chances of a good result from this kind of treatment are bleak. Commitments and promises of results will always be guaranteed by such organizations, but it is up to you to make it sure that how they intend on meeting about the commitments.  
To ensure that all the time and money the patient and the family invest in the journey, mainly depends on one decision, the decision of choosing the right place for the treatment. Narconon Fresh Start provides you with the best options available with keeping the health and treatment patient at the first priority, ensuring the obvious results in the patient in due time, without having to put the family or the patient through any additional misery of prolonging the treatment. NarcononFresh Start make you feel the worth of every penny you pay in the form of the guaranteed results, results achieved under treatment by experts in the field. By choosing Narconon, your journey towards the better future is in safe hands that provide you the help and support that you actually need, and not just false hopes and fake commitments.  Narconon Fresh Start offers different types of recovery plans suited to the many different needs of the patients. Narconon has an ever evolving treatment methodology which incorporates several different forms of institutionally approved treatments.
Narconon believes in effective treatment and transparency of operations. Narconon believes that it’s right to decide which treatment you get! And it’s your right to know from the start how you’re going to get and what it will cost! Narconon wants to help you and optimize your treatment.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Forged Rehab Programs - Narconon Fresh Start

Drug rehabilitation is not more effective for treating addiction as it has to be. This kind of reservations arises in minds of people who really want to purge addiction from their life. The reason behind such doubts is the swindled practicality of various drug rehabilitation programs. These scam programs employ shortcuts in shape of short term rehab programs to make money for their personal goals or sometimes they prolong the sham treatments for strenuous cash flow. Unfortunately these programs are using inadequate and unauthentic methodology of treatments which results in failure of recovery. The main authority of scam rehab programs hires the best market promoters who fabricate the real truth of farce rehab programs superbly.

Forged Rehab Programs - Narconon Fresh Start

The fraudulent organization makes those claims which they could not entertain. The classical methods are mostly adopted by them and pretend themselves the best curers. They try to magnetize those people who are inexperienced formerly of such forged rehab programs. In order to put more boost in their claims the scammers offer 100% money back guarantee with the short term rehabilitation program. Obviously it shows confidence of an organization for its quality and commitments and people do convinced to taste the rehab there. But again it comes out a scam. They never return your money back even after you make claim. You get nothing instead of losing your health, time and money with such sham programs.

Another tactic of looting individuals is to increase the time period of treatment. With slow, insufficient and maltreatments these money grabbers bound you to stay and use their facility on more charges. The addiction sufferer yet again victimized by such prolonged scam rehab programs.  Moreover, instead of making people independent out of drugs they make them more dependent on alternative drugs and so called nutrition supplements. People rather than getting their strength back lose their confidence in response to such conventional approach.

Contrary to scamming there are wonderful, innovative and effective rehab programs which do not make you obliged to pay heavy charges for the unnecessary, ineffective, and lengthy and scam revitalization treatments. One of such realistic rehab program is Narconon Fresh Start based on concept of scientology. It believes and strives to treat and recover mind, health and spirit of drug an addict because addiction is not an ailment it is actually reaction to some unpredictable situations influencing personality, behavior, health or spirit. Innovative treatment methodology has proven its effectiveness and 76% successful recoveries are guaranteed within six months. Narconon Fresh Start denies the traditional and ineffective rehab treatments. The prosperous growth of Narconon locations is hidden in its new innovative drug detoxification approach. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews is helpful tool to assess the truthfulness of this very rehab program.

Avoid scam by keeping your eyes open and try to consult the people who are spending drug free life now after passing through drug rehab treatments of any legitimate rehab program. Similarly, before suggesting a rehab center to others or selecting for yourself you should always have a glance at the goal, history, rating, comments and reviews about the program. This will definitely salvage you not to be trapped by any scam rehabilitation program.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Costly Scams of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are a lot of considerations that you have to undertake before picking the drug rehabilitation facility that is right for you or your loved one. However be sure that not every drug rehab is the place for you. Different rehab facilities offer different programs.

The one thing that most of these drug rehabs have in common is that they are unscrupulous businesses. They are out to capture unsuspecting suffering addicts by paid advertisements. Substance abuse and recovery treatment is a tabooed subject, as people are embarrassed to talk about their experience. So parents or the loved ones of the addicts, take to the internet to find out the best possible options. Overwhelmed by the tones of information and desperate for a quick fix, they end up talking to a sales representative of one of the rehab center. These representatives have been hired specifically to lure you into the scam. So these representatives use statements like “do whatever it takes”, “short term cure”, and “no cost is too great”.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

They also telemarket false claims, and support it by farcical reports, facts and figures. They make empty promises and give you expectations which are impossible to live up to. Then again all they are trying to do is to get you to sign you in.  So why are they so hell bent to enrolling you in? Because they know of your vulnerability. They know that you truly will do whatever it takes and will be willing to pay any cost.

So how do these rehabs rip you off?  Two mechanisms are applied; Firstly they promote a short term cure, they will make you go through excessive and repetitive tests, for which there is no need and our expensive. Then they will experiment different things on you simultaneously. Basically all the options that the sales person duped you into signing they make you go throw these expensive iterating procedures.  So after having experimented with all the above they slowly convince you of the idea of a recovering addict, and go back on their claim of a short term cure. In some cases programs offer guarantees and send addict’s home packing, knowingly that these suffering victims will be back soon. Now that you have been convinced of a lengthy treatment, these rehabs will try to pro long it as much as they can. During the process they will come up with a new and an even more expensive method of treatment. Which their pseudo –physicians and counselors will recommend. If the drug rehabs market, is carefully examined. One realizes that they are pseudo scientific detoxification fronts for a pansy. In fact these rehabs are not even accredited medical treatment facilities or detoxification centers.

However, there are programs Like Narconon Fresh start, which are certified by CARF, have certified medical practitioners nurses and counselors, and have claims substantiated by verified statistics and reports. Narconon Fresh start offers in house rehabilitation and detoxification. Narconon Fresh start despite its relatively economical treatment has attained high success rates of around 76%. You can easily check Narconon and its staff’s credentials, and you can then check their accreditation with the designated agency. 

Go to CARF, and background check the rehab center you enroll, many have been swindled before so don’t get duped out of your money. Get into a program that is right for you. Check the credentials of its service providers. Get a reference from others. Read Narconon Fresh start Reviews of previously enrolled addicts.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cocaine Treatment Scam

Many people unfortunately start using drugs for releasing their mind from the grip of stresses and burdens. Cocaine is one of those drugs which are preferably used by people for such purpose. In response to increasing drug addiction problem in country many drug rehab programs are functional to fight against drug abuse. Many of these centers claim that they will treat addicts within matter of few days which seems illogical in many cases of drug addiction. The scam treatment approaches are used by these centers. Thousands of people waste their money by relying upon these cocaine treatment scam rehabilitation centers.

Addiction treatment should not be taken as to treat a disease. It does not require cure it actually demands proper care and attention towards the subject. It should always be kept in mind that addiction problem is not related only to health it may be associated to a person’s spirit or mind. Therefore, addiction recovery cannot be achieved in few days. It may take many months to revert a person back to his previous healthy and happy life.
Some defrauding companies trick people with suggesting herbal treatments for treating cocaine addiction problem. But it is simply another way of stuffing body with more drugs. It might not be an effective approach for at least treating addiction. Similarly, many drug rehabilitation center offer money back guarantee on their short treatment program. These are just the trapping tricks of these swindle minds people blindly invest their money and time but at the end of this short term cocaine treatment program they get nothing even after claim. Moreover, rehabilitation centers use traditional approaches of treating person’s cognitive behaviors but they do not give space to an addict to get health and spiritual peace. They just want to line their pockets they do not want to use effective treatment approach.

You may think here, that how can we find scam free cocaine treatment center? It is advisable that you should use you full energy to search for a proper, scam free, peaceful and most effective drug rehabilitation center where all services and facilities are available under a roof and where there is no fear of wasting time and money. Obviously, it seems difficult to find such a state of art rehabilitation center. But by putting a little effort you can find this kind of rehabilitation center which could return your happy and healthy life. 

Narconon drug rehab program is promising to fulfill all of your needs for protecting to become victim of scam rehab centers. The treatment approach used by Narconon fresh start is unique and marvelous. Naturally detoxification of body is done here, in which no extra dugs are used to take out existing drugs in your body. The location, services and treatment approach of Narconon drug rehabilitation program are compatible to the requirements for peacefulness of mind and body of an addict. Narconon drug rehabilitation program has denied the traditional approach of treating addiction. Here, clients are treated as students and in very friendly environment drug rehabilitation experts teach them to face challenges of life with confidence and self-reliance. Though it is long term rehabilitation program but you will find yourself a changed and strong person at the completion of your recovery.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of those rehabilitation centers which are providing excellent services for detoxifying the lives of drug addicts. A complete and flawless rehabilitation program is the reason of the exponential success of Sunshine Summit lodge. Professionals working at this outstanding rehab are technically equipped to fight with the disease and destroy the drug metabolites of body. After a patient graduates from Narconon sunshine summit lodge then the institute provides them opportunity to do internship. The internship program is a valuable asset for the enrolled candidates as it will help them an opportunity to work in different rehabilitation centers.

A perfect place for true rehabilitation

Sunshine summit lodge is a rehabilitation center which provides a full fledge program for alcohol and other drug detoxification. True rehabilitation cannot be achieved until a program is equipped with proper medication and psychological approach to fight with the disease. Narconon fresh start provides extra individual care for the patients to understand their psychology and treat them accordingly. Rehabilitation philosophy at Sunshine Summit Lodge is not based on disease model so the emphasis on medication is much less. Professionals at Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program including cognitive training drills, learning improvement courses and co-curricular activities.

Effective drug metabolites excavation

Increased consumption of alcohol creates permanent drug metabolites in the body. These drug metabolites enhance the thirst for drugs and patients are unable to refrain from taking drugs. At Narconon patients are provided with specialized medication which efficiently destroys the mechanism of drug metabolites. Their destruction leads to an easy drug withdrawal in patients. Drug withdrawal is the most sensitive and difficult part of rehabilitation. Professional at Sunshine Summit Lodge developed an excellent way to deal with drug withdrawal stage.

An outstanding internship program

Sunshine Summit Lodge offers a very productive internship course for all its graduates. This internship course will enable them to know about diverse rehabilitation services. Candidates enrolled as internes at Sunshine Summit Lodge are provided with a certification of experience. This certification will generate many employment opportunities in different rehabilitation centers around the world.

Secular approach leading to more chances of enrollment

Sunshine Summit Lodge follows a secular approach in which patients for diverse religions can get their selves enrolled in the program. Each and every religion is respected at Sunshine Summit Lodge and patients are also allowed to visit their sacred places once in a while. It will give them mental satisfaction along with more chances to enter in this outstanding rehabilitation center.   

Sunshine Summit Lodge is providing extraordinary rehabilitation services for drug addicts around the world. At sunshine Summit Lodge patients are considered as students and that is why this outstanding rehab takes the responsibility of the physiological and as well as psychological growth. Patients are entertained with different games like football, volley ball, swimming and many other. These activities help them a lot in their physical fitness. Cognitive behavioral modification theory aids them to be emotionally strong and confident to face the world.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Fresh Start towards a Healthy Life

Narconon Fresh Start is a new drug rehab program that undertakes to recover the alcohol and drug addicts from their addictive habits. It not only recovers the individuals from addiction but makes them beneficial human beings. It is a fresh start towards a brand new healthy life.

A drug-free detoxification 

Narconon fresh start is a recovery method that is not based on any drug based method but educational method in which the drug affected individuals are trained to make decisions of their life. No alternative drugs are used to take the patient out of the effects of drug residuals.  Sauna bath therapy with maintained diet is used to eliminate the drug residuals from the body of the patients.

How rehabilitation is achieved?

A real rehabilitation is achieved through new life detoxification program which discharges the drug residue from the body and thus ends the cravings in the mind of the patient to take the drugs. When these cravings are over, the patient is ready to be prepared for his new life. Then new life skills are used in the form of step-by-step courses to teach him how to live a healthy productive life. These courses enable him to face his past without any remorse and recognize destructive elements around him.

Activities and exercises

 The program is not drug based program but is activity based. Different activities and exercises are facilitated in the program. The opportunities of social interaction are provided so that the clients may learn to face the people with full confidence and learn how to live a positive social life. The opportunities of all these are provided in the program, for example, a weight & exercise area, , sauna, basketball Jacuzzi, volleyball, ,jogging path, pool, ping-pong, and  tennis etc.

Life improving courses

Different life-improving courses are used to improve the life and thought of patients. Way to Happiness Course trains the graduates to tread the path of happiness and joy. Changing Conditions in Life Course introduces the students to various conditions of life and teaches them various ways of living a healthy life. Personal Values and Integrity Course gives lesson of facing past without any regret or guiltiness. Secondly, it develops moral and ethical values to them so that they may live a positive without using drugs. Communication & Perception Course enhances communication skills through drills and enables the students to control their life and other person and things around them.

Program parameters

The program has a practical success rate of 76% which is reliable and trustworthy. Narconon fresh start has a successful history of 45 years of rehabilitation. 6 month guarantee is given to the clients which means that if they have any problem after their discharge, they can revert to program without any fee. 24 hours a day are invested on the students and usually the program ends in 3 or 4 months.
The program is a valued and rewarding rehab program that withdraws the patients from the life of addiction and takes them into a new drug free life full of purpose. It is a start of new healthy life. The patients are treated as wholes in the program.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Drug-free Withdrawal

Addiction is very common now a day’s among the youth. In order to look trendy and up to date the youngsters start taking drugs. The continuous intake of drug damages the body and brain. Many youngsters do not get full recovery from the addiction as some of the drug rehabilitation programs just detoxify the body from the drugs but the craving for drugs remains intact. This can cause the serious health problems. Narconon Fresh Start is the right choice for recovery of the person from addiction. It is the renowned drug rehabilitation program, working with the goal of seeking new life for all the people who are in miseries due to addiction. Narconon Fresh Start is operating worldwide as a nonprofit organization to rehabilitate people dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Holistic Treatment Approach 

Narconon Fresh Start is comprehensive rehab program that adopts a holistic approach of behaviour modification. Narconon experts think that addiction is a deviational behaviour and if the clients are educated to know the catastrophic effects of addiction, they can get ready to bring a change in them. Narconon program helps them alter their pattern of life. By teaching the communicative skills to its clients, it enables them to better express themselves before the experts and facilitate their work of correction and restoration from alcohol reliance. At Narconon, the clients are also provided a number of physical activities to restore their health and learn social interaction that often distorts in people dependent or used to drugs and alcohol.

Narconon Alcoholism 

 An alcoholic never accepts that he is addict to alcohol but the dependency on liquor is clearly manifested by the behaviour that needs correction. The family of the alcohol addict will have to make him realize that a drug rehab is the solution for his problem. Narconon Fresh Start has the best plan to rehabilitate its clients applying natural detoxification methodology and behaviour modification that results into perfect recovery. Narconon offers a unique plan that ensures painless withdrawal of the alcohol and helps the clients to take a fresh start in their lives controlling their urges for alcohol.

Narconon contributions

Dependence on drugs ruins the life of the people, affects the relations, and destroys one’s career. For all such problems, Narconon is the only solution. It offers a set of engaging activities to the clients that help them fight against their longing for alcohol. Within months the clients observe a terrific change in their behaviour. Many people are leading healthy and active lives because of the Narconon Fresh Start. The recovery rate at Narconon facility is 76%. It is not only a proof of the best rehab techniques adopted by the Narconon experts; it also encourages people to feel that rehabilitation from alcohol is quite possible.

Narconon rehab facility not only provides the detoxification but also provides the basic skills that will help the addict in leading the healthy and sober life. At Narconon fresh start, the clients are provided with proper instructions which clear up the mind of the addicts of depressed and hopeless thoughts. It also makes them capable of making decisions for themselves and face the challenges of life with confidence.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Innovative Rehabilitation Techniques

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is unique and one of its kind. It has revolutionized the way drug addicts are treated worldwide. The program is based on proven technologies, theories and techniques that have emerged from rigorous research and development of decades. The program is unique as it stresses highly on the usage of non-drug treatment. It means that the addicts are not provided any drug or medicine to detoxify, relax, sleep and in performing other life related activities. These drug treatments used by other organizations are known to produce adverse affects and cause other minor health issues which can in the long run turn out to be dangerous. The clients are treated individually and no group therapy is conducted at Narconon facilities.

1. Usage of Vitamins and supplements

The usage of supplements makes the human body susceptible to disease attacks on one hand and also helps addicts in covering the lost ground in health. The vitamins are particularly important for the purpose of drug treatment as they tend to fill the gaps left by residuals in the human body after drug avoidance. The usage of such supplements and vitamins is carefully monitored and administered by the team of experts and professionals involved in Narconon Fresh Start program.

2. Recreation and sports facilities

The customers are provided with excellent recreation and sports facilities that are smartly chosen and designed to increase the stamina of the recovering drug addicts. These customers taking part in sports and other recreation facilities are carefully monitored by the staff for improvement and identification of any weaknesses. The presence of Jacuzzi, pool, fitness center, ridding, jogging and swimming facilities is particularly liked by many customers attending the program.

3. Conducive environment

The environment in the Sunshine Summit Lodge is very friendly in general and healthy. The program has especially adopted itself to make the overall environment at the center friendly and conducive to mental as well as physical healing. The staff is trained to treat the customers in a polite manner and to act in front of them as good human beings. It is particularly based on the philosophy that seeing good acts can inspire the onlooker to behave and act in the same or even better way. The fresh air and calm surroundings are particularly chosen as a treatment part, so that the customers do not feel agitated to revert back to addiction.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

A World Class Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of the very few excellent quality rehabilitation centers in the world. The drug addiction problems and their destructive consequences are in no way acceptable that causes not only problems to the individuals dependent on drugs but also embarrassment to their families. Narconon Fresh Start program is considered as a highly effective way of helping the drug addicts and bringing them back into social life. The drug rehabilitation process is excellent and consists of an all round approach for tackling direct and indirect problems associated with the drug and alcohol addiction.


The major purpose of Narconon Fresh Start program is to provide maximum support and curing facilities to the individuals needing help. The program consists not only of medical cure and remedies to rehabilitate but also motivate the addicts on an individual level. The individualistic approach used is highly effective and important constituent of the program that has done wonders for the addicts’ health. The usage of individual sessions is also important to give a feeling of closeness to these addicts who no doubt seek privacy in telling their needs and problems to their doctors and other stuff.

Ethical and Moral Help

The addicts are also provided with the motivation and ethical help to overcome their frustrations. The addicts are mostly afflicted mentally and need kind words and attention from their doctors and support staff at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. The individuals are also provided with group discussion and mental healing sessions for starting community relationships between addicts and also for diverting the minds of addicts away from drug addiction. Moreover, the ethical training is also provided to these individuals so that they can successfully fit in the social fabric after graduating from the Narconon Fresh Start program.

Proper Education

The addicts are also provided with excellent and easy to understand education regarding the usage of drugs, their demerits and life threat associated with them. It greatly motivates them and provides them with much needed knowledge to counter any side effects as they are leaving the drugs. The alcohol and drug addiction are both countered and cured in this way also. It is because the individual himself is responsible for saving his life and once an individual has graduated successfully, it is entirely up to him if he wants to keep away from drugs or again take up the habit.

Community Services

The individuals at the center are also asked to do some community services, and that fosters the goodness in the addicts. They start interacting with one another for simple tasks and perform various activities for overall goodness. The local health fairs, tree planting, helping local church groups, helping local community groups and centers, distributing food and goods to the people in need and helping the seniors. Moreover, they also volunteer in fire fighting; reading programs create the learning programs, etc. for getting maximum out of their stay at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. All these activities foster communal goodness in the humans and they learn to value their and others’ lives.