Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program

Sunshine Summit Lodge is one of those rehabilitation centers which are providing excellent services for detoxifying the lives of drug addicts. A complete and flawless rehabilitation program is the reason of the exponential success of Sunshine Summit lodge. Professionals working at this outstanding rehab are technically equipped to fight with the disease and destroy the drug metabolites of body. After a patient graduates from Narconon sunshine summit lodge then the institute provides them opportunity to do internship. The internship program is a valuable asset for the enrolled candidates as it will help them an opportunity to work in different rehabilitation centers.

A perfect place for true rehabilitation

Sunshine summit lodge is a rehabilitation center which provides a full fledge program for alcohol and other drug detoxification. True rehabilitation cannot be achieved until a program is equipped with proper medication and psychological approach to fight with the disease. Narconon fresh start provides extra individual care for the patients to understand their psychology and treat them accordingly. Rehabilitation philosophy at Sunshine Summit Lodge is not based on disease model so the emphasis on medication is much less. Professionals at Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program including cognitive training drills, learning improvement courses and co-curricular activities.

Effective drug metabolites excavation

Increased consumption of alcohol creates permanent drug metabolites in the body. These drug metabolites enhance the thirst for drugs and patients are unable to refrain from taking drugs. At Narconon patients are provided with specialized medication which efficiently destroys the mechanism of drug metabolites. Their destruction leads to an easy drug withdrawal in patients. Drug withdrawal is the most sensitive and difficult part of rehabilitation. Professional at Sunshine Summit Lodge developed an excellent way to deal with drug withdrawal stage.

An outstanding internship program

Sunshine Summit Lodge offers a very productive internship course for all its graduates. This internship course will enable them to know about diverse rehabilitation services. Candidates enrolled as internes at Sunshine Summit Lodge are provided with a certification of experience. This certification will generate many employment opportunities in different rehabilitation centers around the world.

Secular approach leading to more chances of enrollment

Sunshine Summit Lodge follows a secular approach in which patients for diverse religions can get their selves enrolled in the program. Each and every religion is respected at Sunshine Summit Lodge and patients are also allowed to visit their sacred places once in a while. It will give them mental satisfaction along with more chances to enter in this outstanding rehabilitation center.   

Sunshine Summit Lodge is providing extraordinary rehabilitation services for drug addicts around the world. At sunshine Summit Lodge patients are considered as students and that is why this outstanding rehab takes the responsibility of the physiological and as well as psychological growth. Patients are entertained with different games like football, volley ball, swimming and many other. These activities help them a lot in their physical fitness. Cognitive behavioral modification theory aids them to be emotionally strong and confident to face the world.

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