Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Fresh Start towards a Healthy Life

Narconon Fresh Start is a new drug rehab program that undertakes to recover the alcohol and drug addicts from their addictive habits. It not only recovers the individuals from addiction but makes them beneficial human beings. It is a fresh start towards a brand new healthy life.

A drug-free detoxification 

Narconon fresh start is a recovery method that is not based on any drug based method but educational method in which the drug affected individuals are trained to make decisions of their life. No alternative drugs are used to take the patient out of the effects of drug residuals.  Sauna bath therapy with maintained diet is used to eliminate the drug residuals from the body of the patients.

How rehabilitation is achieved?

A real rehabilitation is achieved through new life detoxification program which discharges the drug residue from the body and thus ends the cravings in the mind of the patient to take the drugs. When these cravings are over, the patient is ready to be prepared for his new life. Then new life skills are used in the form of step-by-step courses to teach him how to live a healthy productive life. These courses enable him to face his past without any remorse and recognize destructive elements around him.

Activities and exercises

 The program is not drug based program but is activity based. Different activities and exercises are facilitated in the program. The opportunities of social interaction are provided so that the clients may learn to face the people with full confidence and learn how to live a positive social life. The opportunities of all these are provided in the program, for example, a weight & exercise area, , sauna, basketball Jacuzzi, volleyball, ,jogging path, pool, ping-pong, and  tennis etc.

Life improving courses

Different life-improving courses are used to improve the life and thought of patients. Way to Happiness Course trains the graduates to tread the path of happiness and joy. Changing Conditions in Life Course introduces the students to various conditions of life and teaches them various ways of living a healthy life. Personal Values and Integrity Course gives lesson of facing past without any regret or guiltiness. Secondly, it develops moral and ethical values to them so that they may live a positive without using drugs. Communication & Perception Course enhances communication skills through drills and enables the students to control their life and other person and things around them.

Program parameters

The program has a practical success rate of 76% which is reliable and trustworthy. Narconon fresh start has a successful history of 45 years of rehabilitation. 6 month guarantee is given to the clients which means that if they have any problem after their discharge, they can revert to program without any fee. 24 hours a day are invested on the students and usually the program ends in 3 or 4 months.
The program is a valued and rewarding rehab program that withdraws the patients from the life of addiction and takes them into a new drug free life full of purpose. It is a start of new healthy life. The patients are treated as wholes in the program.

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