Friday, 3 May 2013

Narconon Fresh Start and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Narconon Fresh Start is a world class drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that focuses on drug-free holistic treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy. Narconon centers provide a residential long-term treatment plan accompanied by excellent facilities including nutritious healthy diet, food supplements, fitness club equipped with exercise machines, recreational areas outfitted with sports tools, educational life skill courses and ample of other improvement and betterment courses. Narconon program has shown superb results for the fight against drug and alcohols. Due to this fact, 7 out 10 graduates from Narconon program are now living a successful and prosperous life and are proving themselves to be a productive member of society.

Detoxification Plan

Narconon Fresh Start program is facilitating its clients with all the essentials needed during the recovery process. The clients are treated through proper medication that eradicates the physical carvings and pains from the body. The experts at Narconon centers do not depend on giving chemicals and salts to patients for recovery. Instead, the clients are provided with vitamin supplements along with healthy balanced diet.

Communication and Recreational Activities

The entire focus of Narconon program is on communication and recreational activities that engage the attention of participants during the program. The clients experience a welcoming home life style during their stay at Narconon rehab center. They are free to do various healthy activities ranging from watching television to playing cards or playing sports with their peers. Such activities promote healthy competition and mutual cooperation among the participants enabling them to put joint effort together as a team. At Narconon facilities, a Medical Liaison Officer (MLO) is always available to arrange medical checkups and emergency help to the participants of the program.

Relief to the Participants’ Families 

Narconon program is accountable for providing the student’s progress on the inquiry of their family member. As the clients are passing through the tough phase of withdrawal of drugs and abusive substances, hence it is not recommended to allow the family members to meet or call their loved ones during the program. However they are free to contact the family consultant who will inform them about the details of participant’s progress. Hence the participant’s family members feel relieved and reassured on hearing or meeting the consultants. 


Narconon Fresh Start program is an exclusive opportunity for restoring the alcoholics and addicts to positive attitudes and a peaceful and healthy life. Those who are disappointed from every possible remedy to control their urge for drugs and are considering addiction as an incurable disease will find Narconon facility as a perfect solution to enhance their willpower to overcome all temptations for addiction. The success ratio at Narconon is remarkably outstanding and is unmatched with any rehab center round the globe. Narconon is always committed with its motto of a drugs free world and is bent upon delivering the best results.

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