Thursday, 2 May 2013

Sunshine Summit Rehab Reviews

I still don’t believe that my son is living a normal life!

No one can even imagine the pain when your loved ones suffer from drug addiction. It can only be known if it happens to your own self. The same situation occurred in my life a few years back when my son started taking drugs. Before that time I always used to hate drug addicts and even thought that they are the worst part of our society. They have no rights to be treated with sympathy.

I even thought that drug addicts should be jailed till their death so that they can learn a lesson. All these thought were immediately change when my own son started taking drugs and I didn’t even knew it.

When I came to know about his addiction at that time it was too late to stop him. I consider myself very much responsible for the miserable situation of my son. I was too busy in my work that I didn’t even have time to meet him. I didn’t know what he was doing, who his friends were and when and why he started taking drugs. Then one day when I came back home from a business tour, I saw him craving for drugs and shouting in pain. I was so terrified because I never thought that this would happen to my own son.

At that time there was nothing left but to regret on all this. At the same time I knew that regretting would not change anything for my son. I wished him back to his normal life which was not so easy. I consulted many psychiatrists and rehabs but was not really satisfied. My son’s condition was getting worse with each passing day. His dark circles and leaning health were obvious symptoms that I was going to lose my son. The fear of losing him was a breathtaking tension for me.

Then someone told me about Sunshine Summit Lodge. The environment of Sunshine rehab was so calm and soothing that it looked a perfect place for meditation and strengthening one’s willpower to defeat urge for drugs. I felt quite satisfied and when I visited my son after one month I was so surprised. His much better condition and better health relieved me a lot. 

At my first visit I was 100% sure that my son will come back to his normal life. With the passage of time, his situation got more normal and he even made friends there. He developed the habit of reading and I was so happy to see him talk about different topics like politics and economy. All thanks are due to Sunshine experts that my son was not only rehabilitated but also groomed very well. Now my son and I get along with each other like never before and we are very happy about Narconon Fresh start.

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