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Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

Narconon drug rehabilitation and prevention centers have been working to promote a drug and alcohol free society for the last 45 years. The drug rehabilitation centers of Narconon are equipped with all the facilities that are necessary to carry out the recovery process. Due to its success rate, many of its drug retreat centers have been established and functioning at various countries all over the world. Furthermore, the program is available in many languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Nepalese and Taiwanese other than English. The success stories can be examined at Narconon Fresh Start Reviews which clearly show how the graduates from Narconon true rehabilitation program are living a sober and responsible life after going through Narconon program.

Program Summary

Narconon Fresh Start program consists of step by step instructions that are carried out under the group effort and guidance of devoted counselors and supervisors. The duration of program is dependent upon the participant’s successful completion of all program steps whereas the program is supervised 24 hours a day. Each step of the program is reviewed by expert case supervisor. Moreover, the learned life skills by the participants must be verified to ensure that they will be responsible drug and alcohol free members of the community.

Diet plan

Narconon drug free program employs a holistic approach to recovery. On daily basis, the clients are provided with vitamin supplements. Moreover proper arrangements have been made to ensure that clients are facilitated with nutritious as well as delicious meal three times a day.

Recreational Activities

To promote social interaction and healthy environment among the participants, Narconon rehab centers facilitate and encourage the participants to play and enjoy various games and sports. Also to keep the participants fit and healthy fitness club is also a part of center’s facility. Weight and exercise area, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna facilities are available at Narconon centers.  Moreover outdoor tours are also organized to divert attention of the people get registered at Narconon.

Educational courses

Through a series of educational life skill courses, students learn to modify their behavior and attitude towards life related matters. Each participant becomes aware of the root cause of his troubles and learns how to find solutions to these problems so that they are no longer badly affected. The participants also learn and practice communication drills that are used to intensify the student’s ability to comfortably tackle themselves and others with good communication. The students who find it difficult to acquire new concepts and knowledge can learn a lot from improvement learning courses. Such courses are not beneficial during their stay at the rehab centers but through these courses they will excel in their professional career also.

Each student’s progress is constantly monitored by their course supervisors and their case supervisor to ensure that their individual program needs are met.

Narconon program is the best place for those who really want to get rid of the label of an addict. The people who want to join our Narconon drug rehab centers can have a glance at Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. Through these exemplary reviews of Narconon graduates they will surely make up their mind to join Narconon rehab center that will eventually lead them towards the road of success.

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