Friday, 3 May 2013

Addiction Treatment Center

Drug addiction is a kind of brain disorder in which patients suffer uncontrollable drug cravings and it affects the behavior and brain functioning of the person. For the cure of this disease, many Addiction Treatment organizations are quite active. One such example of non-profit organization is Narconon which has launched many successful rehab programs like Narconon Fresh start, Sunshine Summit Lodge, Narconon Rehab etc. All these drug rehabilitation programs are very effective in respective to success ratio.

Versatile Treatment Methods

Alcoholic and drug addiction treatment involves various unique methods to deal with addiction and these processes may include behavioral modification, 12-step treatment and other holistic approaches. All these programs vary in their approach to recovery for different clients/patients.

Extensive Therapeutic Techniques

The holistic program of Narconon Fresh Start comprises of yoga exercises, massage therapy, meditation, nutritional counseling and other life skill courses. The purpose of all these activities is to motivate the patient towards normal life settings in a natural way without being dependent on medicines & drugs.

Individual Coaching & Treatment

Narconon professionals believe on the principle that “no single treatment can benefit every individual”. For this purpose, research is carried out to devise different unique and effective programs to help the addicts/clients there. Short term, long term & outpatient treatments are introduced according to the needs of every single individual.

Effective Way of Treatment

Narconon rehabilitation program uses authentic treating methods by trained professionals and nurses. Proper sessions with the psychotherapists are conducted for the patients on daily basis. These treatment sessions are very effective as every single detail of the patients is considered during the treatment. This treatment session takes place in calm & soothing environment and proper time is given to each patient. Thus, individualized treatment assures 100% success rate.

Brilliant Success Ratio

The recovery of patient in Narconon Fresh Start is up to 76%. This means that majority of patients do not go back to the addiction of drugs again. To check this influential ratio, the treated patients are frequently monitored, so that they do not indulge again in addiction. If any such addiction case occurs, that patient is brought back for the treatment again. Another salient feature for higher success ratio is the trained and efficient staff. All the professionals who are running these programs are very dedicated & enthusiastic, as they all are working for a noble cause. They all are fully trained and equipped.


The ultimate goal of every addiction treatment center is to help & guide the addicts towards normal life on the road to stable & long term drug free recovery. These rehabilitation centers transform the lives of people by highest quality treatment and customized care services. Thus ensuring the highest success rate with complete recovery.

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