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Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

Sunshine summit lodge is serving drugs addicts or alcoholics to get rid of their addiction since 1966. Providing a remote and rural atmosphere through its location in the hills of San Diego County a place near famous Warner Hot Springs, Sunshine Summit Lodge is a rehabilitation center that is ready to serve substance abusers restoring back to a lasting sobriety of life. Today, substance abusing has become a major problem worldwide; many organizations are serving for the cause relieving addicts get back to the normal life so that they may enjoy the routine work and chores of life.


These organizations are based on two ideologies; one to heel the sufferers applying typical medical treatment methods with a hope of not relapsing of an addict if he observes an ironic will power after quitting drug addiction, and on the other side there are people who treat the addicts on the principles laid down by professor Hubbard who believed in the total remedying of an addict through two purported ways: lectures and detoxification of toxins from the body of addicts until they show a complete code of conduct necessary to refer them as normal social human beings.

Narconon means no drugs, and here in sunshine summit lodge, this is ensured that the addicts once rehabilitate through its proposed program will not get back to drugs any more and he will lead a non- drug free life.  That’s why, here the addicts are not treated as patients but they are students who learn in the long run of its offered course how they would be able to live a healthy social life. Being a Narconon rehab center means that this Sunshine Summit Lodge is a no-profit organization; whereas other non profit organizations are busy in money making game befooling people believe in the truthfulness and remark ability of their services, Sunshine Summit Lodge is contradictory. No hidden charges or fees are taken by the clients and the organization is offering 100% free services to alcoholics and drugs addicts.

Through its Narconon Fresh Start Program, addicts are able to detoxify their body from the residuals remain in the body even after they have refrained from abusing drugs. The process of detoxification is unique because it helps releasing the toxins stored in the fat cells of body tissues of a client. With the help of supplements and nutritional diet, detoxification is being performed and when the withdrawal symptoms anxiety, frustration and ecstasy start occurring, the clients are offered counselors who help the clients to address various mental and spiritual complications persisted in his life. The client is offered to purify his body through sauna and in the deep and long meditation of sauna opens new promising doors to live a successful drug free life.

 Sunshine Summit Lodge is a perfect rehab center for it is secular program, clients are provided with transportation services to visit churches occasionally. Narconon program is not based on rehabilitating the addicts on a therapeutic level rather the clients rather students are offered various life skills courses teaching them to be a better human beings after recovery from addiction.

This is what makes Sunshine Summit Lodge a worthy place of rehabilitating, through various courses like communication course, ups and downs in life course, personal values and integrity course, and way to happiness course, the students here in this center learn to restore themselves to a lasting sobriety. The 3 to 4 months spend by the clients to recover from addiction in Sunshine Summit Lodge based on Narconon Fresh Start Program provides a guarantee with a 90% success rate of not falling a prey to the drugs for the graduates once they learn and observe the whole program.

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